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How to set up your email

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We previously wrote about the free email services that you get with every WebEden domain name. We’ve had so much interest in that posting that here is an easy to use guide – how to set up and use your email.

The first step of course is to actually buy a domain name, or register the free domain name that comes with your package. Once you’ve done that, or transferred your domain in to us, the vast majority of people want to know how to set it up with an email client. This is the bit of software that sits on your computer that lets you send and receive emails without going onto a website

The most common email client is Outlook, which runs on PCs. If you’re a linux fan then you’ll probably be using Thunderbird. And if you use a Mac then it will be Mac Mail.

Any email client (application) that supports POP3 or IMAP (and SMTP) will let you to set up an account to send and receive emails.

This is all fairly easy to do, (although setting up your webmail is even easier) but there are a few  things you need to careful about. You may find you can’t send emails (although receiving is OK) or you find you’re sending emails OK but you just don’t see them turning up in your Inbox. So, if you need some help, have a problem to solve or you’re just curious then read on!

Email on your computer

Email clients are bit of software that let you to recieve, send and often save emails on your computer (as well as some mobile devices like iPhones and Blackberrys). The most commonly known and used clients are Outlook, Mac Mail, Eudora, and Thunderbird; all of which use POP and IMAP – essential protocols for setting up your email accounts.

Generally, setting up your email is quite a similar process for all clients. So where to start?
Once you have bought or transferred in your domain, for example, yourdomainname.co.uk you need to create your mailbox through the ‘domain names’ page on Webeden.co.uk. The Domains module is where you can manage your domains, renewals, hide your Whois contact details, check your billing and manage your mailboxes.

We’ll use Outlook as the example for setting up your email client due to it currently being the most popular client available. Just remember that Mac Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird etc will vary only a little with settings.

Setting Up – E-mail Accounts
1.    The easiest way to set up your account is using POP3 or simply POP (IMAP works just as well and will be similar to set up)
2.    Your name could be anything from Admin, John Smith, Johno987 – this is what your recipients will see in the ‘From’ section of your email
3.    Email address is the full email address you set up with your domain name – the Mailbox name not any aliases
4.    Your username will be your FULL mailbox address e.g. admin@yourdomainname.co.uk (not just “admin”)
5.    The password will be your mailbox password, NOT your WebEden (website) login
6.    The format you use for your incoming (to receive mail) server will be, for example: pop.yourdomainname.co.uk
7.    The format for your outgoing (to send mail) server will be, for example: smtp.yourdomainname.co.uk

So, is that it then?

Well, not quite. The final steps you need to complete setting up email are to be found in ‘More Settings’ on the main panel. Click this and a new panel will appear containing four tabs.
More Settings (the forgotten step)

The first tab in ‘More Settings’ is the ‘General’ tab. You only need confirm that the ‘Email Account’ matches your POP or incoming server address e.g. pop.sitemaker.com

The next tab is the ‘Outgoing’ tab. You need to check or select the ‘My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication’ option.

Please note that the most important step is to ensure that you select ‘Use same settings as my incoming mail server’. This will match the username and password between incoming and outgoing servers and ensure you can easily send and receive mail.

The ‘Connection’ tab settings are down to you and how you connect to the Internet but should normally be left alone using the defaults provided.
The same can be said of the ‘Advanced’ tab which controls the ports used. The defaults for the ports should normally be left alone also.
Once you have saved your settings, your email should now be ready to test and use.
NB. If you get an incoming/receiving error please double check your username matches your email address (mailbox name) and that the password is correct for your email account. If you get an outgoing/sending error please do check the ‘Outgoing’ tab and the same settings are used as your incoming mail server.

Additional Settings (should they be required)

The following ‘Settings’ are given should they be required beyond the default values:
•    User Name: your full email address i.e. you@yourdomainname.co.uk
•    Email type: POP3
•    Incoming mail server: pop.yourdomainname.co.uk
•    Incoming mail server port: leave as default – normally 110 (143 for POP SSL)
•    Outgoing mail server: smtp.yourdomainname.co.uk
•    Outgoing mail server port: 25 (465 or 587 for SMTP SSL)
•    Password: What was created when mail box created
•    Access Point: Choose own setting e.g. WIFI, 3G (whatever you use to access the web)

Frequently asked questions

Q. Why am I getting an error when I try to log in?
A. The usual causes are incorrect password or using the wrong mailbox name. If you use an alias rather than the mailbox name the login will fail. To check this, just login to webeden.co.uk, go to the domain names page and click the ‘Email & Settings’ link beside your domain. The name of your mailbox or mailboxes will be listed. These are the ones you must use to login.
Q. Why am I not receiving my emails?
A1. The most common problem is creating an alias that conflicts with one of your mailboxes. For example if you have mailboxes named Admin, Support and Sales and the Sales mail box also has an alias called Admin then an email sent to admin@yourdomainname.co.uk may fail. The system won’t know which mailbox to deliver it to, Admin or Sales (which has the alias Admin) so it is likely to fail. Please just check the aliases in all your mailboxes and remove all that conflict.
A2. Sometimes when testing emails you may try sending an email to yourself i.e. the from and to addresses are the same. This is never guaranteed to work as some email systems view emails being sent back to themselves as redundant and delete or block their return. If you wish to test your email address use another external account to test with e.g. Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo.
Q. Why can’t I send any emails?
A. The most common problem is not setting up the SMTP server correctly. Normally the main settings will be set up with correct username, password and server but the user forgets to set them up correctly on the Outgoing element of the account. The simplest way to correct this is to enable SMTP authentication, if provided, by selecting the “Use the same settings as my incoming mail server” option.
Q. How much space do I get to store my emails?
A. With our webmail you get 1GB
Q. If I transfer my domain name to you, will my email be transferred as well?
A. If you are transferring your domain name to us, all your mail will be stored on your current provider’s servers, so once the transfer completes your mail will be lost. We suggest using an email client (like Outlook, Mail, Thunderbird) to back up your mailbox locally onto your computer before you begin transferring your domain name.
Q. How do I set up IMAP?
A. Set up IMAP the same as you would set up POP. The only difference will be that the incoming mail servers will use IMAP instead of POP. So on the Main panel the incoming server would be for example: imap.yourdomainname.co.uk. You would also need to ensure this is configured on the General tab through More Settings.
Q. Can I view my emails on my mobile phone?
A. If your mobile phone supports POP3 or IMAP then you should be able to set up your email just as simply as we have explained above. Please read your mobile phone User Guide for more detail should you need help settings up your mobile device.

What does all the jargon mean?
POP Or POP3 is the most common way to receive mail. Will be used with SMTP to send mail.
IMAP An suitable alternate to POP for receiving mail. Still uses SMTP for outgoing.
SMTP This is the outgoing server responsible for sending mail. SMTP will be used regardless of incoming choice (POP or IMAP). The simplest process is to use the same settings as the Incoming server by using the ‘Requires Authentication’ option.
Username This is the full mailbox address e.g. john987@mysite.com (not just ‘john987’).
.tld This is short for top level domain and simply refers to the extension after your actual domain e.g. .com, .net, .uk, .eu, .us
Mailbox: This is an account you create using your domain name and has a prefix like admin or sales or mail e.g admin@yourdomainname.co.uk. The mailbox name (the full address) must be used as the username to login to it.
Alias: Alternative names you can give to a specific mailbox to provide more flexibility with your service. For example under the sales@yourdomainname.co.uk mailbox you could have the names of your sales team e.g. john@, susi@, josh@ all of which would redirect to Sales. Be warned though that ‘all’ addresses must be unique and aliases cannot be used to access your mail only the mailbox name can.

Good luck, and let us know if you have any problems.

  • http://www.ibcsigns.co.uk Alison Cross

    Looking forward to trying to set up e-mail for a client with you. Have submitted a query to you about nameservers so that I can complete the transfer of 2 domain names over to you. Hopefully, e-mail with webeden will be more straightforward to set up than with existing domain name provider!

    Is there some kind of difficulty with BTinternet and setting up Pop3/ SMTP e-mail accounts?

    ….or is it just me?! :-)


  • admin

    Hi Alison,

    Yes you’re right, there is a problem with BTInternet. They make you verify email addresses. What you need to do is go to http://www.btyahoo.com/verify and it will show you how to resolve the problem.


  • http://www.ibcsigns.co.uk Alison Cross

    Just adding this as a cautionary note for anyone using BT broadband internet. We’ve experienced quite a few problems re BT with non-BT accounts.

    The easiest solution that I’ve found is to abandon the non-BT outgoing mail server and use the mail.btinternet.com outgoing mail server instead.

    Today, for example, a BT account – that had been working fine with a wanadoo account for ages, suddenly stopped downloading into the e-mail client. The remote-access chap tried everything to make it work and ended up deleting/reinstating the main BT account and eventually abandoned the outgoing mail server and just used the BT outgoing server instead.

    Why in the heck does this have to be SO convoluted.

    If you are having trouble with your non BT-e-mail send/receive, you might want to try this outoging mail server change?



  • admin

    Thanks Alison – very useful tip, we will pass it on to anyone who calls.


  • http://www.akorenphotography.com Aurelie


    I am trying to set mine up on mac mail and iphone and I just can’t do it!

    I have followed everything to the letter with no luck!

    It keeps saying the server is not responding and my outgoing and incoming email seems to be the problem.

    Any ideas?


  • admin

    Hi Aurelie,

    Are you able to access your emails through WebMail OK?

    Can you confirm your domain name, your incoming mail server (POP3) and your outgoing (SMTP) mail server?


  • http://www.flushingholidaycottages.co.uk Kevin Newitt

    How do I set up my Apple iPhone to send and receive Webeden e-mail? I have got it so that it receives e-mail but I cannot send. When I try to send mail I get an error message that says ‘Cannot send mail. The user name or password for SMTP:stuart@flushingholidaycottages.co.uk is incorrect.

    I have the right password in it – what have I got wrong?

  • admin

    Hi Stuart / Kevin,

    Are you on the o2 network? If so, try using the o2.co.uk smtp service. These are the details for that:

    Outgoing Server: smtp.o2.co.uk
    Username: [o2username]@o2.co.uk
    Password: [o2-password]

    Do you have your o2 username & password?


  • http://www.flushingholidaycottages.co.uk Kevin Newitt

    No – we are on Vodafone.

  • admin

    In that case, have you tried using the Vodafone SMTP service?

    Outgoing server: smtp.vodafone.net.
    In the Account name text box, type your Vodafone Mail username.
    In the Password text box, type your Vodafone Mail password.

    Please let me know how you get on?


  • Neil

    Hi, wonder if you can help? I am downloading mail into Outlook and getting an error

    “the certificates CN Name does not match the passed value”

    Any ideas n how to resolve this?

  • admin

    Hi Neil,

    Where is the domain hosted? Did you register it with WebEden or is it with another domain registrar?

    I just tried looking at your website (www.voiceprofessional.co.uk ) and I can’t see it, so it looks like the domain name isn’t set up correctly.

    If you registered it with WebEden have a look here: http://www.webeden.co.uk/blog/website-builder-tips/website-builder-tutorials-pointing-your-domain-name

    If it is registered elsewhere, you need to change the DNS A-record to Don’t do anything with the CName record.

    Hope that helps, please let me know if not.


  • http://doyleconsultants.co.uk Don

    Hi. I wish to supply numerous email accounts for the staff of a company I have built a site for. Is this possible?

  • admin

    Hi Don,

    You can have up to 5 free email addresses with each domain name at WebEden.

    If you need more I’m afraid we don’t have that option – you’d need to transfer out to another provider.

    How many do you need?


  • http://doyleconsultants.co.uk Don

    Sorry Ken, I didn’t make myself clear. I mean am I able to set up several addresses on the clients own computers with different addresses for each member of staff? I believe this is called a “catch-all.”

    eg. diane@joebloggs.co.uk, dave@joebloggs.co.uk etc.

  • admin

    Hi Don,

    There’s no catch-all facility.

    You get 5 email boxes. You can have up to 5 aliases with each email box. So up to 25 in all.

    Does that make sense?


  • http://doyleconsultants.co.uk Don

    Yes, thank you Ken. I just wondered if the 5 mailboxes restriction applied only to webmail and if it was possible to have more addresses when using an email client such as outlook.

  • http://www.triple9fire.co.uk Mark

    I have been able to follow you information above and have been able to set up my webbased email on my outlook and my iphone, the problem is I can send and recieve on my outlook but not send on my iphone, I have checked the setting and I have done everything you have stated. I can get my normal BT email and send no problem. I am on t-mobile (my iphone is unlocked by 02). I m using a payasyougo sim but this does not cause any problems, can you help

  • admin

    Hi Mark,

    The service that sends email is called ‘SMTP’. I just did a quick search online for T-mobile SMTP service and it said that to use


    as the outgoing server. Can you try that?


  • http://webeden.firstclassfootball.com Andy


    Just in the process of pointing our domain name (firstclassfootball.com) to our new webeden site but they guys who currently host it have asked about setting up email on the new server. I have tried the support section on your website but can’t find the details i need. Can you confirm what the SMTP server should be and also the POP3 server so that everything is in the same place?


  • http://qittle.com SMS Marketing

    Great tutorial, I am glad that this is a one time thing, the setup is quite long and a bit complicated for me. Smooth sailing after it is all setup and I will be able to save or backup all that mail.

  • Rachel

    Hi There, got my email set up on Outlook and it’s working fine. Managed to set up on my iphone 4 to receive but not send. Any advice would be welcome. I’ve tried smtp.o2.co.uk as they are my service provider but i don’t think i have an o2 email account so not sure if it will work and it’s just stuck on the verifying screen.

    Tried setting up as Outlook account and Other account.

  • Robert

    my mail outgoing server is not working on lion… i typed smtp.mydomain.com and it won’t send…. any ideas??

    • Robert

      btw i’m using mac

  • Vanessa Pickett

    So far 1 and 1/2 hours and still cannot get the email working. I bought domain, filled in email details for my domain how advised to, POP and SMTP all as told to and nothing except ERROR when trying to open Live Mail. Getting really peeved now, something so simple so why wont it work?????