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Website Builder Tutorials: How to add Photo Crop to your images

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Have a root around in the attic and you might be able to dig out an old photo album or two.

“What’s that” I hear you say?!

Back before digital cameras were the norm, we all kept our photos in gold ‘ole photo albums.

With the WebEden Photo crop you can replicate the look and feel of an old school photo album right here on your website. Perfect for a bit of nostalgia. And it looks pretty cool too.

Let us know how you get on!

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Website Builder Tutorials: How to add YouTube clips to your Website

Video Tutorials

Another great but simple video tutorial this week.

Remember when online video was slow and stuttery, full of buffering and such like? Youtube changed all that. Now online video is mostly seemless and smooth.

And the great thing about online video is that it keeps people on your website. It engages visitors, it inspires them, and it makes them more likely to stick around.

Thankfully the WebEden Website Builder is fully integrated with Youtube – you can place any youtube clip on your WebEden website. Watch the tutorial to find out how.

Have you got a good example of video on your website? Leave us a comment below.

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Website Builder Tutorials: How to put Google AdSense on your Website

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One of the primary reasons people build a website is to make money from it. And a popular way to make money from your website is to sell advertising on it.

You can choose to sell advertising space on your website to specific companies. Or you can let Google AdSense do the hardwork and sell it for you.

Google Adsense scans the text on your website and automatically serves relevant advertising around it. You get paid when someone clicks on those adverts.

Any WebEden customer can run ‘Ads by Google’ on their website, and make money from the the impressions and traffic that your website delivers.

Find out how to place Google Adsense ads on your website by watching the tutorial below.

Any questions or comments? Please leave them below.

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Website Builder Tutorials: How to put a Google Gadget on your website

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I’ve long been a fan of iGoogle. You can add all sorts of Gadgets, RSS feeds, information and customisation to your very on version of Google.

Well thanks to the HTML widget, you can now add any Google Gadget to your WebEden website too! Any of the cool stuff that developers have created for iGoogle can now appear on your website. Watch the video tutorial to find out how:

Any comments or feedback? Please leave them below.

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Website Builder Tutorials: How to put a Twitter feed on your Website

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Well its been quite the week for Twitter posts. We started with a basic how to sign up to Twitter. Then we had tips to help you get to grips with Twitter. Yesterday of course we had 14 questions you need to answer when developing you social networking policy.

And now, the icing on the cake: How to put a Twitter Feed on your Website. Watch this to find out how to put all your Tweets onto your WebEden Website.

How did you get on? Leave us a comment below.

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Website Builder Tutorials: How to add an RSS feed to your Website

Video Tutorials

We’ve pulled out all the stops this week for what is our longest, most in-depth tutorial so far!

A few weeks ago our guest blogger Alison Cross showed you how to get more from the web with RSS. Another great thing about RSS is that you can use it to pull information and content from one website to another.

In this tutorial we show you how to add RSS feeds from other websites onto your own website. Is a great way to add valuable content, looks really professional, and can increase the length of time visitors spend on your site.

How did you  get on? Leave us a comment below.

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Website Builder Tutorials: How to create a copy of your Website

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You make a website. You settle on fonts, colours, images, layout, pages. You test it. You tweak it. You make it perfect. It takes time. It takes effort.

And now you want to make another similar website. Oh no! All that design effort! You’ve got to go through it all again haven’t you?

Not any more you don’t! With the new WebEden control panel you can copy a website, in its entirety, at the click of your mouse button. Design heaven eh? This feature has been a long time coming and we’re so happy its finally ready. Find out how to copy your website using the tutorial below.

Love it eh? Leave us a comment below

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Website Builder Tutorials: How to Align Objects on the page

Video Tutorials

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or so they say. But when it comes to Web Design, there are a few rules that you need to follow so that your website is easy to read, understand and navigate. One of these is lining up objects on the page – it just seems to make more sense to your eyes and your brain. Here’s how to to make sure your objects are all lined up.

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