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Website Builder Tutorials: How to add ‘Alt’ Tags to your images

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Here’s a Video Tutorial for all you website builders who want to boost your website up the Search Engine Results page (SERPs). As covered in part 5 of our Search Engine Optimisation guide, ‘alt’ tags or ‘alternative text’ tags are the labels you place on images. These tell Google what that image is all about.

You need to use alt tags that describe what’s in the picture, and use keywords that you want to boost your ranking for in the SERPs. Watch the tutorial and let us know how you get on.

  • http://www.buteweddings.webeden.co.uk Alison Cross

    Hi Ken – thanks for doing this on alt tags :-)

    I use alt tags all the time because it helps ensure that my websites are user-friendly for those with limited vision. It is my understanding (please correct me if I’m mistaken!) that websites have a duty to be accessible to those with disabilities…I think I read that somewhere.

    Alt tags therefore help clarify what’s on the screen for those with ‘talking’ software.

    Also, is it true that spiders ‘read’ alt tag copy too – so it’s another way to ensure your content keeps you up the rankings?



  • admin

    Hi Alison,

    Yes you’re right – websites do have an obligation to be accessible, and those aiming for best practice should look to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines


    Aside from the talking software (good point), the alt tag also replaces the image if for whatever reason your browser won’t display the image.

    And yes, spiders read the alt tag to help them work out what the image is about. So its a good SEO thing to have alt tags!