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Website Builder Tutorials: How to add Photo Crop to your images

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Have a root around in the attic and you might be able to dig out an old photo album or two.

“What’s that” I hear you say?!

Back before digital cameras were the norm, we all kept our photos in gold ‘ole photo albums.

With the WebEden Photo crop you can replicate the look and feel of an old school photo album right here on your website. Perfect for a bit of nostalgia. And it looks pretty cool too.

Let us know how you get on!

  • http://www.alisoncross4webs.co.uk Alison Cross

    you can also make your own photo frames for your images – albeit without the fancy repositioning function that comes with the webeden frames.

    For example – got an old postcard with a fancy scalloped edge that you fancy using? Scan it and save as jpg.

    Open up your Dreamweaver (or paint.net – which is FREE and excellent!) and open up your image. Up it comes with a white background. Click on the magic wand tool (or equivalent) in your package. Click on the white background and hit the delete key – poof! your white background disappears.

    You might find that other bits of your image also disappear though – bits that you want to keep. If that happens, simply undo your move and restore your original image.

    At the top of your screen you’ll find a bar that can be slid to the left or right to increase or decrease the tool’s tolerances. Depending on whether it has taken too much (or not enough) away, slide the blue bar to the left or right…..and have another go with your magic wand.

    You might find odd patches of background stubbornly stay put – don’t worry, you can manually remove them by clicking on them with the magic wand tool and hitting the delete key.

    What you are aiming for is your frame and a grey/white chequerboard background. This chequerboard shows that these areas are transparent. Remember and remove the background from INSIDE the frame (or your picture won’t display).

    Once you’ve removed all the background that you want, save the image as a GIF file. This will preserve your transparent areas. Saving as a jpg will just make it all white again.

    Then upload to your files on the website and to use, simply display the photo that you want in the frame and set the new frame over the top of it – your image should display beautifully :-)

  • admin

    Brilliant advice Alison – thanks very much!


  • Billjam

    Your wrong you know! We have a line of photo albums in our lounge…about 38 to be precise and its great just to take a look on the spur of the moment and go down memory lane….no signing in or all of the other computer palaver! And we are still adding photo’s now though off digital cameras….

  • admin

    You are bridging the digital divide! Maybe there is a job in Government for you ;-)

  • http://www.alisoncross4webs.co.uk Alison Cross

    Billjam – you are quite right, nothing can replace actually flicking through photograph albums. I’m very guilty of taking lots of digital pix and never printing them out. So, if anything goes wrong with my hard-drive, I’m scuppered *eek*

    Ali x