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Website Builder Tutorials: How to add a Sitecounter to your Website

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One of the most interesting – and important – bits of information to find out about your website is how many visits it receives. Within the WebEden website making system there is a really simple tool called Sitecounter that lets you do this. Sitecounter also displays the number of visits a website has recieved to all those people visiting it. You can add Sitecounter to your website in just a few moments. Follow the instructions below:

Have a go adding a Sitecounter and leave us a comment

  • http://www.ibcsigns.co.uk Alison Cross

    Hi Ken – does the sitecounter record every visitor to your website or every page that someone visits in your website?

    You can reset your sitecounter to zero, or start it counting from another number, yes? That might be useful if you are running a particular campaign and want to see whether site visitors increase during your campaign? Reset to zero and let it count up, sticking it somewhere unobtrusive :-)

    Or, you could make your site look MEGA popular and start your counting at a higher number?

    Of course, if all your SEOs are in place, you won’t need to do that, your visitor numbers will be high anyway *grin*.


  • admin

    Hi Alison,

    It records every visit, rather than every visitor.

    So if you visit 10 pages on 1 visit then it just records 1 visit.

    And if you look at just 1 page, go to a different site, and then come back again, then that counts as another visit. Or you could just refresh and that counts as another visit too.

    Yep, if you want to reset then go to Admin, then Statistics, and then at the bottom you can choose ‘reset total visitors’.

    And if you want to make the site look popular then spend all night hitting refresh!!!

    At the end of the day this is just a very basic site counter. If you’re really into advanced stats and web analytics then you need to sign up for and add in Google Analytics. You’ll be able to see your site visitors over any timescale, where people are coming from, what pages they look at, their shoe size… We’re going to be doing a tutorial on that… soon!


  • http://www.ibcsigns.co.uk Alison Cross

    Looking forward to that tutorial *thumbs up*!

    As a non-techie, I wander around the Analytics dashboard, pushing buttons and watching interesting looking graphs appear, but all the really nifty, useful stuff remains as much a mystery to me as morris dancing……


  • admin

    And about as useful as morris dancing too!

  • http://www.sandavier.co.uk David Greenhled

    Hi ken,
    Have a site counter on my website but, shows 300 less visitors than my goole Adsense account? How accurate is it.


  • admin

    Hi Greenboy!

    Both the Sitecounter and Google Adsense are pretty accurate, but they are counting different things.

    Google AdSense will count the number of impressions a page receives. Sitecounter will count the number of visits the whole website recieves.

    For example, lets say I go to your website and I arrive on the homepage and then click on the ‘Wizard’ page and then go back to the homepage. (Which I just did. Nice site!).

    The Sitecounter will count that as 1 visit, which is true since I visited the site once. And AdSense will count that as three impressions because I downloaded a page 3 times: the homepage (twice) and the Wizard page (once). So the AdSense impression count will always be a higher number than the site counter.

    Hope that makes sense, please let me know if not!


  • Bill Reynolds

    Do you have a easy way of adding ‘Fotopic’ to one’s web site?? One that does not take for ever to download?!

  • admin

    Hi Bill,

    Are you after a photo gallery on your site, or is it the Fotopic gallery that you specifically want on your site?

    We have a photo gallery ourselves – with lots of different options for how to display your photos, some of them quite cool.

    As for putting a Fotopic gallery on there: Do they allow you to publish content that they host onto other websites, in the same way that YouTube do? If so, yes you can probably do it, but might need to make use of the HTML widget:

    If you need any other help, or can clarify what you’re after, please let me know!


  • http://www.hillsboroughparkbc.co.uk/ Andy

    Hi Ken,
    I want to install google analytics.. but have no idea how to install the tracker code… any help would be appreciated… just off morris dancing!

  • admin

    Hi Andy,

    Have a watch of this:


    Enjoy the dancing!


  • http://www.hillsboroughparkbc.co.uk/ Andy

    Cheers Ken!
    As easy as that eh lol thx for your help

  • http://www.bdmgoc.co.uk phil

    Hi Ken,

    is it possible to have a counter for when members are logged into the site and visitors
    (.i.e. we currently have 3 members signed in and 5 guests),
    so everybody can see who is online.


  • admin

    Hi Phil,

    Afraid we don’t have anything like that, no.

    Just checked your site by the way. Oh, MGs. A trip down memory lane. I had a ’78 B – couldn’t afford the chrome bumper version!


  • Tris

    Hi Ken,

    We allow visitors to download mp3s from our website – is it possible to track how many downloads each file has had?

    many thanks

  • Ray

    hmmmmmm that is a good question.

    Well within the WebEden control panel you could not do this but you maybe able to with Google Analytics.

    Although i think as all the files in your file manager are in an encrypted folder i do not know if analytics can track this.

    If you need any help with analytics please check out our video tutorial and guide.



  • Toy-Toy


    We recently created a free website on your webeden website and was wondering how we could actually publish the site. I have searched the Help feature for the answer but was unable to find any information on this subject. Could you help?


  • http://kelliesonlinechildrensstories.webeden.co.uk/ Kellie


    I’m curious why the website counter shows on average 300/400 hits a month and google analytics shows maybe 30 or 40 hits per month.