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Website Builder Tutorials: How to change link colours

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Links eh? Where would we be without ’em! Watch the tutorial to find out how to change the colour of your links when you hover over them.

  • http://gkwebdesigns.co.uk glen

    Hi can i mae a website for a classified aquatics i need:

    A widget where people can up load there own pictures and text for the ads.
    Will it autonatically go on the website what they ad.

    Search bar for whats on my website

  • admin

    Hi Glen,

    You can allow other people to upload text and images onto your website by making them an administrator to your website.

    However, the problem is that they will be able to change any element of your website, not just upload images and text.

    There is a site search function which can be found under ‘functional widgets’. This is a Google search box that sits on your website.

    However, the downside with this is that it will only search pages of your website that have been indexed by Google. The Google search results are also displayed on a Google results page, rather than a page of your website.

    Hope that helps.