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Website Builder Tutorials: How to set up your Email

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Ever since we started selling domain names, the most common support queries we have concern setting up email services on a domain name. WebEden gives away 5 free email addresses with every domain, which means you can send and receive email with your own personalised website address. You can access the email service either through webmail or using a desktop client such as Outlook.

For those who prefer written instruction, please see our earlier posts.

This is how you set up your first email address.

This is how to set up your webmail.

And this is how to set up your email using a desktop client such as Outlook.

For those who prefer a video tutorial, check this:

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  • http://www.alisoncross4webs.co.uk alison cross

    Thanks for this Ken – it’s about setting up webmail or forwarders, isn’t it.

    Actually setting up e-mail on a client’s computer can be horrible – every service needs different information and every e-mail client asks you for ever so slightly different things and it can be a nightmare.

    In your earlier blog about setting up an e-mail account, I wrote that I’d had terrible trouble with BT Broadband and registering non-BT accounts. As an update, I’ve visited that same client about 4 times to address sudden non-webeden issues to do with the e-mail account…

    For information for new webeden builders, there is a document about setting up your webmail client, downloadable from the Help section.



  • http://www.alisoncross4webs.co.uk alison cross

    oopsie – never saw the copy just above the video. Apologies. This macbook screen is too small sometimes LOL!


  • admin

    You’re just trying to impress us with your flash hardware!

  • http://www.alisoncross4webs.co.uk alison cross

    I confess to having gone absolutely mac crazy since I bought it. I’ve been exploring all manner of business applications. Resizers, watermarks, icon makers…and best of all…some way of keeping tabs on how many hours I am spending working on people’s sites!


  • admin

    In that case maybe a need a guest blog: How to build websites and manage clients with a Mac?