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Website Builder Video Tutorials – Getting Started

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Video Tutorials

Some people learn best through trial and error, others prefer to read a book. But one things for sure, a video tutorial is without doubt a handy way to find out about something new. We’ve put together a series of video tutorials to help you get started with our free website builder. Here’s the first one:

What do you think? Let us know what else you’d like to see a tutorial on, and we’ll make it!

  • http://jenknottchihuahuas janie

    HI there.

    I cant find info on how to upgrade from my free website, and how much this would cost.
    I want to be able to asdd more than a few photos etc.

    Where i can find this, and what benefits there are to upgrading?



  • admin

    Hi Janie,

    Go to your control panel, then choose ‘edit’, and then ‘account details’. You’ll see all the packages there that you can upgrade to.

    Alternatively, watch the video tutorial we’ve put together:


    The costs are all here: http://www.webeden.co.uk/pricing.htm

    Prices start at £2.69, and for that you get 50MB of storage space and 6GB of bandwidth, which is plenty for most people’s needs.

    If you want a free domain name (to replace the .webeden.co.uk bit of your website address) you’ll need the standard package at £5.39 per month.

    Apart from getting lots more space and bandwidth, a paid-for package;
    makes all those ‘Google ads’ disappear from around your site;
    you can have an unlimited number of pages on your site;
    you get customer support;
    you get a free £20 AdWords voucher to promote your site

    Please let me know if you have any probs signing up.


  • http://trueyoucoaching.co.uk Marjorielyn


    I have a domain name already but can’t access the webmail site as outlined in your FAQs:. I’ve tried a variety of names relating to your instructions: http://webmail.yourdomain.tld.

    I’ve tried:

    Are you able to assist? Also, will I still have the webeden tag on my website even though I have the .co.uk name already?


  • admin

    Hi Marjorielyn,

    Its the tld bit that is causing the error. .tld was just for example purposes, it stands for ‘Top Level Domain’.

    Try this:

    Your 2nd question: Have you assigned your domain http://www.trueyoucoaching.co.uk/ to your webeden website? You can do this from the http://www.webeden.co.uk/domain-names.htm page, once you are logged in.

    Please let us know if you have any problems.


  • Sarah

    I am looking to buy Webeden standard and Im wondering if you will provide me with the software on disk, othewise how can I put the software onto two computers? or if I need to reload it at any time?

    Many Thanks


  • Sarah


    is it possible to save my websites offline, so I can work on them offline?

    Kind Regards

  • admin

    Hi Sarah,

    Its not possible to work on your websites offline.

    The whole system sits on our servers in our datacentre. This means that you can work on your website from any computer, as long as that computer has access to the Internet.

    All you need to do to log in and edit your your website from any computer is go to http://www.webeden.co.uk/account.htm and log in with your username and password.

    Hope that helps! Please let me know if you need anything else.


  • Sarah

    Hi Ken,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Is there a way I can back up my website on my computer just in case your system goes down?

    Kind Regards

  • admin

    Hi Sarah,

    Its not possible to download the site onto your computer.

    We do however back up our sites constantly in our datacentre, which has an UPS power supply and full security, so there is no chance that your data will be lost.

    Earlier this year, as other Website Builders will testify, we suffered a massive DDOS attack which reduced access for about 3 hours. That was the first time we’ve had that. No data was lost. And we’ve since beefed up our firewall.

    Our uptime record is over 99.9%.

    I hope that reassures you!


  • Danielle

    Hi, if anybody could answer my question id be really grateful! it says my website from webeden needs to be upgraded every 6 months to keep it? how do i keep it for free?

  • admin

    Hi Danielle,

    All you need to do to keep your website for free forever is log into it at least every 6 months.

    This is just to show that you are continuing to use the service.

    Or you can upgrade to a paid for version ;-)


  • http://cil-llidiart.webeden.co.uk Sara

    For the second time the majority of my images have disappeared. I have a free site and have now spent hours uploading pictures twice. Any idea how to get them back or why they disappear after a few days?

  • admin

    Hi Sara,

    Have the pictures still disappeared? What page are they / were they on?

    How many pictures was it? What is the total MB storage space that you’re using ?

    We’ll get to the bottom of this.


  • Jodie

    I have the free webiste at the moment but to be able to add links for people to download documents from the website, I need to upgrade to a paid version. I was just wondering which version would let me add such links?


  • Jodie

    Which package would I need to get to be able to put links for people to download documents from the website?


  • Raybo

    Hi Jodie…

    You will need to upograde to any of our packages in order for people to download files off of your site.

    I suggest going for the lite package and then upgrading later if you need more space.

    hope that helps

  • Em

    Is there anyway in which you can put your site offline whilst you edit your site? and then place it online after?


  • Raybo

    Well the best way to do it is to build yourself a page that has “site offline whilst we make some changes” or something along those lines.

    Then place this page at the top of your organise pages screen. Make sure you hide it from the menu.

    Hope that helps.

  • http://www.pacleaningservices.webeden.co.uk Alana

    Just signed up to you guys and getting seriously frustrated. I can not sign in. The page clearly knows that I have entered the correct details as when I do enter the incorrect details it lets me know. Why is this happening? I managed to log on to my website earlier to make changes.
    Please help!

  • Ray

    Hi Alana,

    Could you email me at ray@webeden.org and i shall try and help you the best i can.

  • http://www.astramods.co.uk andrew

    hi i made a website on the webeden site after a while my photos on the site disappeared so i brought a domain name through webeden a few weeks later same again photos disappeared so i changed my password added name and some numbers few weeks later the same has happened again i log out everytime i go on to my site and log back in when i return but it still loses my photos now im getting fed up of haveing to keep replaceing them can anyone please HELP

  • Ray


    Can i ask if once you have placed them on the site are you deleting them from the File Manager?

  • http://www.astramods.co.uk andrew

    yeah i did lol didnt relise so ill try that thanks

    also can i ask that we also did another site webshop bargains we brought a domain name but we are having problems with the google analytics and the web tools we wanted to cange the ua code but it wont let us is there a way we can delete it and start again because we went wrong somewhere and we cant change it now

  • http://therockfirstards.webeden.co.uk David

    Is it true that you need a paid version to allow your website members to download files?

    I have the free website and have spent a bit of time uploading files and setting up links for members to download these files. Can you confirm that this is not possible using the free site?

    I did not see this when setting up my free website and wonder why even bother allowing me to upload files as downloadable links if I can’t get others to download them??

    Your assistance with this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  • Ray

    @andrew – You will need to paste in the whole code again just changing the UA code will not work i am afraid.

    @david – You are correct that downloads are only available to our paid packages. Sorry you feel let down by this but i am afraid it cannot be changed.

  • tash

    I have been searching online and i cant find my website anywhere?