FREE websites for Covid-19 support groups

Covid-19 Notice

Publish community orientated support website sites for FREE with WebEden.

At WebEden we believe the business community are part of the wider global community. We know we cannot solve the problem but what we can do is enable communities across the world to build websites that offer support, advice and share information online.

We are offering a free website (Go package only) for 1 year starting 21st March 2020 to anyone who is building a Covid-19 related website that supports communities.

How does this work?

  1. Build your website using our free website builder.
  2. Contact us via our contact page before you 'publish' your website.
  3. Await our approval, we will send you confirmation via email that monthly fees will be credited in full.

NB. This offer is available to anyone at our discretion, we will not support sites that provide mis-information or ask website visitors for funds or sell goods. If you purchase a domain name or email services standard charges will apply.