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Search Engine Optimisation with Webeden: Part 8 – Lets recap

And that, as they say, is that!

How have you found the process? Did it work for you? Are you now an experienced SEO expert as well a website making pro?

Like we said at the beginning, this is not meant to be the ‘be all and end all’ of SEO guides, but it does provide some useful, practical tips in a confusing world. Please (please!) remember, that this is not an instant process. It will take some time before your new site starts appearing in the search results. But follow the steps above, be patient and you can bet that your site will eventually turn up, and a hell of a lot quicker than if you did nothing.

So, all that is left to say is, good luck with optimising your site.

But did it work?

We’ve checked our results a few times. The first time was July 31st 2008, with results unchanged from December 12th 2007. The rankings were:

“West London Taxi” – number 1, “Joes London Taxis” – number 1 (Google.com)
“West London Taxi” – number 1, “Joes London Taxis” – number 1 (Yahoo.com)
“West London Taxi” – number 6, “Joes London Taxis” – number 1 (msn.com)

Then we tried again on December 12th 2008. How was Joe’s West London Taxis doing in the Search Engine rankings now?

December 12
•    “West London Taxi” – number 1, “Joes London Taxis” – number 1 (Google.com)
•    “West London Taxi” – number 1, “Joes London Taxis” – number 1 (Yahoo.com)
•    “West London Taxi” – number 6, “Joes London Taxis” – number 1 (msn.com)

What further work did we do on the SEO? Absolutely nothing! It shows that if you lay the groundwork, you can boost your website very high in the SERPs, very early on. To bolster that, it’s important to resubmit your domain name, keep updating your content to keep it fresh, and of course there’s the all important incoming links from popular sites. By doing this you can ensure your site has a much better chance of achieving and maintaining a top ranking.

A reminder

Lets recap on all the steps taken to SEO the site. You must remember: search engines look for consistency and relevancy in a number of different areas of your on-page content and referral links.

These include:
1.    The URL (or address) of your site (or specific pages on your site), e.g. www.joeslondontaxis.com, or www.joeslondontaxis.com/taxibooking, etc.
2.    Your site name or title (and page titles) being published in the HTML, e.g. “London taxi company”, or “London taxi bookings page”
3.    Your site and page keywords meta data published in the HTML, e.g. “London taxis, London taxi, Joes taxis, West London taxi, etc.”
4.    Your site and page description meta data published in the HTML, e.g. “London taxi company provides taxi services…”
5.    Your page content, e.g. the text that is on your page and relevant to your site name, keywords and description
6.    Links on your page, including the anchor text, e.g. the text on which the link is set, e.g. “Book a west London taxi” links to http://www.joeslondontaxis.com/taxibooking
7.    Images on your page, including the name of the image file (or Alt text)
8.    Referral links to your site or specific pages on your site, e.g. a link on another site (incoming links) referring to your site

You, of course, can easily control all points from 1 to 7, since they’re all related to whats on your website, and can all be managed from your SiteMaker control panel. Point 8 is all about other websites linking to your own: its harder, requires a bit of luck and a bit of elbow grease, although there are quite a few ways of doing this.

Come on now SEO pros! How high have you got your site? Leave us a comment below.

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