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How to explain computer stuff to your less tech-savvy friends

Last month we let you know how to explain the Internet to your, well, less interested friends. And here’s another way you can help with their computers.

Do you – as someone who takes an interest in computers, the web, building websites and all that stuff – get asked tech questions by your friends and family all the time? Do they always want to know why ‘it won’t print’ or ‘where is that file’ and ‘how do find that website’?

Well here comes Google to the rescue with a website designed to help people (well, kids) teach others (erm, parents) about computer basics.

It’s called TeachParentsTech.org, and it lets you choose from over 50 how-to videos to send to people who don’t know how to do stuff. It’s all the way from basic copy and pasting onto other things like how to share a big file. You can customise an email and thend send the video off to the person who needs help.

Here’s a video with a bit more detail:

So no longer will you spend half your evening and weekend helping others with their computer problems!

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Softwate Update

WebEden Product and Price update

Some Good News

In a couple of weeks time we’re updating the specifications on most of the WebEden packages. We’re applying higher Webspace and Bandwidth allowances to every account. And for all current customers we’re not changing the prices of your account.

We’re also simplifying things so that resellers can resell on any of the new products, though there will be lower site limits on some packs. Existing customers will retain existing site limits, and existing Resellers can move to new packs if they want to or stay on their existing plans.


Some… less good news

From the same time we’re putting up the price of all packages. The price change will not affect current customers. If you already subscribe to WebEden the amount we charge you will not change. This price change applies to new customers and upgrades only.

Booo! Why?

We haven’t change the price since we launched at the start of 2005, and this means that we can increase the amount we invest in our development team to improve the products and services.

So if you’re planning to buy or upgrade, make sure you do that in the next couple of weeks.

We’ll let you know the details of the changes once they’ve been finalised.

Thank you for your ongoing support. And feel free to leave a comment below.

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