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Web Design

Turning Heads – Utilising Psychology in Web Design

With the online landscape as crowded as it’s ever been, competition to stand out, get recognised, properly engage an audience and keep them coming back, is stronger than ever. But without the bottomless pockets of mega brands who can afford to continually experiment with the latest web design technologies making their sites able to sing and dance as they wish, are there ways of having a similarly dramatic effect simply by applying some basic psychological principles?

Why adopt psychology-based Design

When designing for the web, considering the psychological drives of a target audience is not commonly a high priority. It can however have surprisingly positive effects on how users will utilise a website, how engaged they will become and how frequently they will respond to calls-to-action.

By paying attention to how visitors will naturally wish to engage with information and providing them with an online environment which appeals to their conscious, and sometimes unconscious, inclinations, they will be happier and far more likely to perform the actions you want them to, whether that’s getting in touch with you, buying your product, or referring their friends. Continue reading

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