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10 Tips for Your E-Commerce Website and Selling Online

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If you are selling products through your website, it can often be a lot more difficult than selling services whereby you have additional interaction to negotiate and convince an interested party to buy. It also means that your website and supporting activities need to be optimised fully for selling your products; you won’t get away with as much as someone who is selling a service. Read our ten tips to help you sell online:

  • Feature your top selling products

Showcase the most popular items by featuring them at the top of the products page. The key here is not to choose too many products to feature at once; they should be a fraction of your total offering to really make these products stand out and give valuable insight to your customers.

  • Include user reviews

Every time a buyer provides you with a review, include it under the relevant product. This adds a lot of value to future site visitors who are getting a second opinion about your products. Good reviews from people who have used and loved your products can go a long way in reassuring an interested party to buy from you.

  • Make use of social media

Allow people to easily share your products online. This is a fantastic way to get the word out about your products; let excited customers who have just bought from you tell all their friends about it.

  • It’s all about pictures

Although this is often talked about, the images that you use will do more to sell your products than anything else on your site. If you can afford to hire a professional photographer, that’s great! If you can’t, make sure that the pictures you take show your products true to form. These will set the expectations for your customers more than anything, so make sure you are setting the right pictures.

  • Update your site often

Your site is what brings your business its sales, so nurture it. Update it often, especially for the holidays! Add current offers and appeal to holiday shoppers by making them feel welcome on your site.

  • Include personal touches

If your business has just launched, show early customers that you value them by including personal notes in packages and engaging them on social media. These first few customers can be crucial in getting the word out about how great your products are, so leave a good and lasting impression and be genuine.

  • Have a clear return policy

Outline your return policy clearly and make it easy to find. Customers will appreciate the clarity and knowing they can easily return items if they wish to do so.

  • Show a glimpse of behind the scenes

Showcase the human aspect behind the business by giving shoppers a look at what goes on behind the website on a dedicated page. If you are making the products yourself, include some pictures of the process or if you are running the businesses from home, include a picture of the setup you’ve got. Regardless of what approach you take, this is a great way of giving your e-shop a personal feel.

  • Ship your products quickly

People hate waiting for the products they have purchased online, especially the closer it gets to the holiday season. Pay a little extra to the get the items to your customers more quickly; it will make a big difference and keep your customers happy.

  • Get the word out about your site

Online sales from your website will always be directly related to traffic – there is no way around that. To get people to visit your site they need to find out about it in some way. Whether you use pay-per-click advertising, social media advertising, or word-of mouth advertising, make sure people are finding out about your site and products.


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