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HTML5 Beta Update

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Hello fellow website builders. We know you have all been eagerly awaiting the HTML5 update to our software however the date for the release of the Beta has now been pushed back to the New Year and we are really sorry about this. The reason being for the delay is that the initial tests that the tech guys have been doing have thrown up a number of issues. While they have been tirelessly working around the clock to resolve this they do not want to rush out with an update that is still full of bugs. While we cannot give you a definite release date for the Beta, the tech team have assured us that it will be in the first few months of 2013.

Again we cannot apologise enough and we really appreciate your patience.

  • tom


    • webeden

      We are really sorry you feel that way Tom

      • Guest

        any update yet, we have over 300 sites with you, we need a date or an update on this ?

        • webeden

          Hi Robert. No, no update. Also we don’t want to be accused of making promises we cannot keep so I cannot give you a firm date

          • Max

            Funny this as you’ve been making unkept promises all along..

          • webeden

            Max, Have you read our article at all? We have stated time and time again that these are not guaranteed dates.

          • Max

            Easy tiger, we’ve never shared a beer AND I’m your customer, not the other way round..I know you said dates are not guaranteed, but would you not agree that there’s a difference between a slight delay, which I can understand, and a 6 months delay? Read the last sentence of the post and tell me I’m wrong

  • meibion1942

    most of my friends are now mobile browsing , and it’s frustrating that they cannot see my site and slideshows as I designed it, my website looks absolute rubbish on their tablets etc

    • webeden

      The update will remedy this. However to be fair the issue isn’t that Webeden doesn’t support tablets, but the fact that the majority of tablets do not support Flash.

  • soon to be ex customer

    It’s been a couple of months for over a year now. We are loosing business because of this. I really like web eden but am afraid we can’t wait for yet another ‘couple of months’. Will not be renewing our account. It’s a pain re-doing seven websites but really fed up.

    • webeden

      We are really sorry to hear you are leaving. While the update has been in the works for just over a year now we can never guarantee a release date but do like to keep our customers updated with the latest developments. We have never sold Webeden as a “be-all-and-end-all” website builder that would be future-proof. (nothing is)

  • john

    Full of promises and very short on delivery. Webeden have been saying before Xmas for how long and now say a couple of months into the New Year which probably means you don’t have a clue.
    Why not consider hiring professionals including a competent project manager to sort out the problems rather than offering shallow apologies.

    • webeden

      Hi John, We fully understand your frustrations, however to be fair we have never promised that the release will be on a certain date. And to make such a promise would be foolish and shortsighted. The dates we post on on updates are just there for guidance. You are right that we cannot give you a definitive date for the release but do like to keep our customers updated on developments with the future of Webeden. I can assure you that we do have a perfectly competent project manager who will ensure that we release an update to our software that will not be full of bugs because it was rushed to just hit a deadline.

      • Henry

        Don’t say you didn’t make promises, because that’s a lie. We were expecting beta on the 19th of december.

        • webeden

          erm, excuse me Henry. We have not lied. If you actually read our blog post properly you would have seen this;

          “19th December (target) – HTML5 Beta”

          See the word “target” that means this is a target date. Also if you managed to read all the way to the bottom of the article you would have read this.

          “Just a quick note, while we do endeavour to try and keep all the information accurate, the dates we provide are only there as guidance and deadlines are sometimes not met. We do apologise for frustration caused by delayed releases, but we assure you we do try our upmost to stick to them.”

  • Laura

    I am getting very frustated now that i haven’t been able to log into my account for some time, my email address is not recognised as having an account attached to it and when i email support it fails. As a band we rely on people being able to see our future gigs and this is losing us support as i am unable to update the engagements.

    • webeden

      Hi Laura, Sorry you are having issues logging into your account. While this isn’t the correct place to be posting this question I have forward this to info@webeden.org who will be in contact with you shortly to try and resolve this issue.

  • Rich

    Even though this is affecting my business to some degree as the website looks awful on tablets, I for one am willing to wait in order for the update to work correctly, nothing annoys me more than Buggy releases and updates so I thank Webeden for being upfront and not rushing content that maybe unfit. Hope you get it sorted soon and make many happy bunnies in time for Easter!!!

    • webeden

      Hi Rich, Sorry that it is affecting your business. Hopefully the update isn’t too far off. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

  • Ben

    Can Webeden shed any light on what will be the most likely scenario for people who wish to migrate their current site over to an HTML5 site? Just how will that process work?

    • webeden

      Hi Ben, when the new update does come out you will have access to a new set of templates that have the ability to publish in HTML5. To publish sites built prior to this update in HTML5 you will need to have to wait till the second update come later. You can read more about the schedule here; http://www.webeden.co.uk/blog/latest-news/html5-update/

      • Ben

        Many thanks

  • Blackwell

    It was uncomfortable for me too. But I was sure that all the problems would be fixed.
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  • Sarah Reaves

    What is the current update for this release? Getting very frustrated on the usability of sites on ipad

    • webeden

      Hi Sarah, I’m afraid we do not have an update yet. But as they say, “Watch this Space”.

  • rob

    why is the update ? we have been waiting months

  • johnwantshtml5update

    How about an update regarding current status and likely completion given no updates from December as far as I can tell.

  • Joana

    thats such a cute picture