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HTML5 Update

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I think that all our Webeden customers are aware that our tech guys have been furiously working on an HTML5 version of Webeden since January 2012. Good news is that they are nearly there. We thought we would just keep you updated on the planned roll out schedule for this massive, and much anticipated update.


Why would I want to publish my site in HTML5?

HTML5 does not do everything Flash does. However it does seem that it is the future of Websites and it’s about time that we moved with the times. Publishing your website in HTML5 will make your site look great on not only desktops but tablets (yes, including iPads), plus the ability to view the full version or mobile optimised version of your site on mobile devices.


So when is this all happening?

While we had hoped for a September released, our techies have been a bit late. We hope to have the first release in December with updates to follow in January and February. We appreciate all our customers patience and can fully sympathise that delays can be frustrating.  Due to the massive task the development team have taken on we are really pleased with their progress and are really happy with the update, and we know you will be too.


19th December (target) – HTML5 Beta

Brand new templates available allowing you to publish sites in HTML5 or Flash. Updates will include improved shop, image, text, links, menu, and gallery tools, plus loads of new stuff yet to be announced.


Late January/Early February – HTML5 Live

All new sites created with Webeden will now by default be published in HTML5. Blog tool will be reintroduced at this point. The date of this update will be dependant on performance and feedback received at the Beta stage.


January/February – HTML5 Upgrade Beta

This update will give you the ability to convert your older Webeden sites form Flash to the HTML5 compatible format. Some features may not be available yet, however these will be addressed with future updates.


What about the Mobile Version?

Your new HTML5 version will be viewable on a mobile device as well as the existing mobile version. The tech guys will be working on ways to improve the Mobile version and will give you the ability to choose which version you want viewed as default.


Just a quick note, while we do endeavour to try and keep all the information accurate, the dates we provide are only there as guidance and deadlines are sometimes not met. We do apologise for frustration caused by delayed releases, but we assure you we do try our upmost to stick to them.


  • minall

    At last yay. go webeden.

  • alison cross

    Huzzah!!!!! Great news!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/weejai Jamie O’Rourke

    Hope they actually stick to their promise this time and it doesn’t end up getting delayed until March or April

    • webeden

      Let’s hope not

      • Taffy

        What is involved in converting my site to HTML5?

        • webeden

          At the moment it is not possible. But once the second update comes you will be able to publish older Webeden sites in HTML5.

  • paul d’amico

    it’s already the end of January and no HTML 5. Webeden and Flash are a problem not a solution to my business.

  • manish

    How close is webeden to making HTML5 live for its customers? Please update us as to the progress…..

    • webeden

      Hi Manish, I’m afraid we cannot give you an exact release date. Sorry.

  • Kevin

    Seriously webeden its 1st Feb come on. Give us HTML 5. We are behind the world now

    • webeden

      Hi Kevin, While we would love to release the HTML 5 update to our software it just is not ready yet. I can assure you we are just as anxious as you are to get our hands on it. We have seen an early preview of the update in action, however in terms of functionality it is limited to only a few features of the current software.

  • raj

    Webeden is there any dates for the html 5 updates yet? Im tired off loosing business to rivals. And not to mention spending a fortune on addwords with not much to show for it.

    • webeden

      Hi Raj, I’m afraid there are no updates as of yet. We will keep you posted here though.

  • Manish

    I know you’re getting a lot of grief from us customers about the html5 upgrade. I’m sure you’re doing a great job of releasing the best quality product to us when it is ready. Thank you for making it a priority. Do you think it will be released by March?…

    • webeden

      Thank you for your patience and understanding Manish. While I would love to say “yay” or “nay” regarding a March release, we just do not have the details to back this up. Sorry. We will keep you posted here on our Blog and on our Social Media channels the moment we get any concrete information.

  • Jack

    Are you any closer in making HTML5 live? It is nearly March 2013, we need to know whether we should stay with webeden or move to wordpress. No offence but its affecting our businesses so we need to move fast on this one.

  • Premium User

    my flash based store takes almost 10 secs to load. am seriously considering rebuilding the site from ground up!. i love your services but am afraid am being slowed down without HTML5. patience is running thin. what is the latest on HTML5?

  • Amortshirts

    Any news on the update yet? Gagging for it!! :-)