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8 Words that Motivate People to Buy


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Advertisement copy can make the difference between a successful promotion and an ineffective one. When done correctly, it can grab the attention of readers and help your business stand out among the sea of ads people are exposed to daily. It can also entice interest in your business’ offering and motivate people spend their money. To help you get started writing effective ad copy, here are eight words that make people buy:

1- Free

Everyone loves something free. Including this enticing four-letter word in your promotions will immediately catch the eye of a prospective customer. After seeing this word, they are far more likely to invest more time into reading about your company and its product or service offering.

It is important, however, that if you’re using ‘Free’ in your promotions, whatever you’re talking about should actually be free; it will turn customers off your brand if they are deceived. So if you’re saying “Book 6 sessions, get the 7th free,” this should easily be made available to paying customers.

2- Save

If customers can’t get it for free, they at least want to save some money. Everyone loves a bargain, and if that’s what you are offering, communicating this effectively can greatly increase your custom. If your prices are noticeably better than the competition, make sure prospective buyers are aware of this. Outline exactly what they are saving and how much, and ensure that customers feel good about spending their money with you and saving what they can.

3- Simple or Easy

Products and services are usually designed to simplify consumers’ lives. If this describes the function of your business, then you should be including words like “simple” or “easy” in your company’s promotions. Again, prospective customers like to be reassured that they are spending their money in the right place, so by clearly outlining the benefits of a ‘simple, easy-to-use’ product, you’re half way there to securing a sale.

4- New

Another word that motivates people to spend their money is “new.” Everyone loves to get the latest thing whether it be technology, fashion, or hairstyles, for example. The hype around new Apple iPhone releases is proof of this. If you have an innovative product or service or are offering something new in some way, be sure to educate your customers about this to motivate them to buy. Again, it is important that you use this word accurately for it to be effective.

5- Testimonial

Including this word and an actual testimonial can do a lot to build trust in customers. People who are scoping new services or products to invest in like to be reassured that others have tried and liked the product or service and are willing to associate themselves with it.

To maximise effectiveness, testimonials should seem authentic and be detailed. Exactly what did they like most, how did it help them, etc.? A good testimonial should answer these questions.

6- Guarantee

This is along the same lines as ‘testimonial’ of creating customer trust. If you are offering an expensive service, it could be something people are hesitant to invest in, especially during tough economic times. If you guarantee your service or you provide a free warrantee, communicate this effectively in your promotions. The more reassured potential buyers feel, the more likely they are to spend more money with you.

7- Premium

If you are selling something which is high quality, everything in your business – the website, promotions and service, should reflect this. Using words like “premium,” “bespoke,” or “superior quality” help cement quality as a main selling point to people exposed to your promotion. This can also push people to spend more on a product or service as individuals are typically willing to pay more for luxury items.

8- Limited

Another factor that motivates people is if a product, service, or offer is limited in time. It creates a sense of urgency, that if they do not act immediately, they will lose out on something great. If you are running a fantastic offer for a week, make sure that interested individuals are made aware of the fact that if they do not act now, the offer ends and they lose out.


Whatever you are selling, your promotions should always highlight the most compelling reasons to act on the offer. To understand what sets you apart, keep informed about competitors’ offerings so you can be sure to advertise what sets you apart whether it is your free trial, guaranteed service, or easy maintenance. Focus on the biggest selling points and communicate effectively why an interested individual should choose your business over your competitors.