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Google Squared gets even better


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As we discussed back in our Google the innovator series, Google Squared is where Google attempts to answer your search query with a table of facts, rather than a list of websites that might contain the actual answer.

Google Squared is good when the answer to your question may lie of many different websites. Google tries to extract all the meaningful information and present it in a clear way.

For example, a search for ‘US presidents’ gives you a table where each row represents a president, and each column contains facts about him.

Here’s what it looks like:

The first update is that the square now contains up to 120 facts, whereas previously it had just 30.

The information is better quality too. The table is ranked based on relevance and whether Google squared can find enough high quality facts. For example, previously there would be a column for “First Lady” even if Google could only find 2 or 3 of them. Google now gets rid of a row or column if it can’t find the facts.

Since Google squared allows editing and corrections, it has also improved from the personal input of thousands of individuals amending the information.

You can now also sort the columns, which allows you to rank and compare items.

Here are european countries ranked by population and area.

Here’s a list of the newest baseball stadiums.

You can now also export the data to a Google spreadsheet or CSV file.

Google Squared shows where Google wants to go next with search. Rather than trying to answer search queries by listing websites that contain the answer, Google is trying to include and publish all the information itself. As to how they intend to make money out of that remains to be seen!

Have a look a Google squared and let us know what you think.