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How the World Cup changes what people search for


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We’ve mentioned previously about the effect events have on how people use search engines, and what they search for.

At the first hint of summer, thoughts turned to eating outdoors, and searches for BBQs hit new highs. And regular events such as Valentine’s day always influence traffic and searches on Google.

The World Cup is coming

This time, the event looming on pretty much everyone’s horizon is of course the World Cup. Kicking off this weekend in South Africa, the world cup is one of the most talked about events on the planet.

And as such, it has a big influence on what people are searching for too. Online traffic monitoring firm Hitwise has reported a huge growth in World Cup related searches.

An interesting element has been the growth in searches for national flags, which peaked at 34,000 last week. The search terms topping the table were ‘flags of the world’. Unsurprisingly the ‘England flag’ was the most searched for country flag.

The other top 20 included German, Brazilian, French, Russian, American, and Italian.

Here’s an interactive graph of Google Insights for search, showing the trend in searches for flags over the last 90 days.

What it means for your website

If you have world cup related content on your website this means that your traffic numbers will benefit greatly from this increased coverage. For the rest of us website makers, however, the world cup promises to be a time where website traffic drops through the floor, as people stay glued to their television sets.

Has the World Cup had an impact on your traffic figures? Are you capitalizing on this interest or battening down the hatches until normality is resumed? Leave us a comment below.