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6 tips to help improve your website’s conversion rate


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Having a high conversion rate, meaning that many of your website visitors are completing transactions and purchasing from your site, is crucial to success for businesses who depend on their online presence. Getting a ton of site visitors is useless if you are unable to turn around and convert them into customers. To help facilitate this, here are six simple tips to help improve your website’s conversion rate:

1- Create a simple checkout – without registration!

Once a visitor has decided to become your customer and wants to purchase from you, it should be incredibly easy for them to complete transactions. Ensure that customers can quickly and easily move through the checkout process and that it only includes necessary steps.

It is therefore important that you do not require users to login or register with your site. Make it an available option, but also let users complete transactions without the extra effort of having to register. This will lower your basket abandonment and increase conversions!

2- Use simple, consistent language

Your site and its purpose should be easy to understand. This includes the fonts and colours you use, but also the wording your chose on your website. Use simple descriptions and calls to action and stay away from complicated technical language. More importantly, keep the language consistent – so whether you like “Buy Now” or “Purchase,” for example, make sure that it is consistent across your website to increase clarity and ease of purchase for your visitors.

3- Make buttons large and colourful

Place your calls to action on buttons and make these distinct and visually appealing. This way, purchase buttons etc. are easy to find and entice customers to click on them. This can be the final decisive nudge for customers who are tempted but not sure if they should buy something.

4- Remove distractions

Remember that the point of your website is to bring you custom. Don’t distract your website visitors with irrelevant pictures, cutesie icons, or long unnecessary paragraphs. Every page on your website should look clean and professional and the content, both images and text, should facilitate the sales of your products or the bookings of your services.

This also means that your menu should be functional and attractive but not so big that it distracts visitors from what they are doing. You should also get rid of unnecessary sidebars and distracting headers, that way customers can come to do what they intended quickly and efficiently.

5- Show off your products

Your products should be the focal part of your website if you sell products and images. So show off your products with large, high-quality images. Images should indicate product benefits and entice visitors to click for more information. They should also be distinct from the background, visually attractive, and work in multiple browsers and across devices.

If you have items that are particularly popular, consider using full sized images of these on your homepage to give visitors a sneak peak of the high-quality products they can expect from your business.

6- Offer different payment options

Again, the point is to make buying from you as simple as possible. Offering multiple payment methods, such as paypal, credit and debit cards, makes it easy for customers to pay you on their terms. Think about your customer demographic and what they are likely to prefer. Not everyone has credit cards, for example, so offering other alternatives goes one step further in securing that sale and boosting your website’s conversion rate.