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6 Tips to improve your small business’s Facebook presence

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Most businesses today have a social media presence and Facebook is at the forefront with more than 40 million active small businesses pages. But how much effort are you devoting to optimising your Facebook page and engaging your followers and friends? If it’s been a while since you’ve updated your page or even posted something, this could mean major lost opportunities for your small business. Here are six quick tips to help you improve your small business’s Facebook presence.

1- Perfect your About section

The About section of your Facebook page gives visitors a quick overview of your business and its purpose. You are allowed 155 characters to write the perfect descrition. Make sure you convey clearly and concisely what exactly your business is about. You can include longer descriptions, giving interested readers the option to ‘read more,’ but you want to be sure that the first 155 characters perfectly communicate what your business does.

It’s also important to add your business URL in this section. This allows visitors to quickly and easily access your website. The main goal of your Facbeook page should be to drive traffic to your website and this is the most fundamental way to do that.

About Webeden - Facebook

2- Maintain a friendship mindset

Unlike twitter, Facebook is all about personal relationships and interactions. It is bad practice to use your Facebook as a promotional outlet only, people like to engage with personalised messages and brands that have a personality behind them. An easy way to achieve this is to post an in an informal and fun way. Think of it like you’re telling your friends at the pub about exciting news such as new product launches or business achievements. That being said, this isn’t your personal account so find a balance between business and personal that will make your page appealing to followers.

3- Update your profile and cover photos

Updating your cover and profile pictures shows people that you care about your Facebook presence. This can also be an incredibly effective way of letting your followers know about important product launches or major promotions that you are running.

While your profile picture should always predominantly show your brand name or logo, your cover photo can be used with a little more freedom and fun. This is a place where you can advertise sales or just show your company’s personality.

Coca Cola Facebook Cover Photo

Coca cola has updates its profile and cover photo to match their current promotional slogan, communicating a consistent brand image across all marketing and social media platforms.

4- Keep your posts short

Just because you are able to post lengthy posts, doesn’t mean you should – several studies indicate that short posts are mouch more effective at engaging facebook users. Keep your posts as concise as possible while still communicating the message that you want, ideally around 100 characters.

Of course some posts will need to be longer and that’s fine! Variation in your posts is great, but as a general rule, keep posts shorter rather than longer.

5- Variation is good

The length of your posts isn’t the only thing that should vary. Change up what you are posting to increase engagement. Posts can focus on product launches, company achievements, promotions and special offers, testimonials, and any other posts you think are relevant to your business and audience. To accompany these, include links to your website, images, or videos to make the post more interesting and visually appealing.

If you are having a hard time thinking of what to post, look at competitors, your previous posts, and follower comments for inspiration.

6- Review your performance

Even if you aren’t an advanced Analytics user, you can still monitor the engagement of your facebook post. Facebook enables you to see and compare your ‘Page Insights’ which summarise your page likes, post reach, and engagment. It also shows you line graphs comparing this week’s statitistics to last week’s performance. You can also see a summary of your last five post’s engagement and competitor page rankings. Facebook provides you with a lot of information to enable you to review and improve your performance based on previous data, make sure you take advantage of this!


There are a lot of things you can do to improve your small business’s facebook page, but the most important thing is not to neglect it. Stay up-to-date with your account and post frequently otherwise you are wasting a valuable opportunity.

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