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8 great ways to turn your website visitors into customers

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The first step in achieving ecommerce success is getting people to visit your website. However, it is crucial to ensure that visitors are actually converting into sales, which requires that you have optimised your website to facilitate this. To help you get it right, here are eight great ways to turn your website visitors into customers:

1- First impressions

The first impression of your website will make all the difference in keeping people engaged and likely to buy. Therefore, your website should look professional, be up-to-date, and showcase your business’s success. If your website looks bad or functions poorly, you’re going to have an incredibly difficult time retaining or converting visitors to customers.

2- Newsletter subscriptions

A newsletter service can keep your customers engaged in your brand and products. Include a signup box on your website so interested visitors can enter their details and stay up-to-date with your business even if they don’t necessarily buy from you at that point. In addition to this, include a tick box in your checkout process to allow customers to opt-in to your newsletter. This can easily turn one-off customers into repeat customers and increase your revenues.

3- Customer reviews and awards

Including customer reviews on your service or product pages can go a very long way in reassuring customers of the trustworthiness of your site. Consider this: if someone has come to your site and you offer the product or service they are looking for, push them to finalise the sale by showing them that others have already bought from you and loved your service.

This also applies to any awards that you have won – let people know that going into business with you is a sure deal and the right choice!

4- Remarketing

Remarketing consists of showing only those people your online display ads who have already visited your site and are therefore more likely to purchase from you. Youth fashion retailers TopShop and Missguided do a fantastic job of this – their remarketing ads show specific items visitors viewed on their site but didn’t purchase. This is a great way of turning visitors into customers, by showing them what they liked about your site. Both Facebook and Google, provide remarketing services that are relatively easy to manage and can make a noticeable impact on increasing your website conversions.

5- Search bar and navigation

Having great search functionality can only help you convert customers and make your website more user friendly. Furthermore, including a search bar can really help convert those visitors that have come to your website to find something specific. It will function as a navigational tool, for visitors to find what they are looking for more quickly.

Having clear navigation that functions in a reliable and logical manner will reassure customers that you know what you’re doing, while helping them make sense of your business, find what they need, and purchase it.

6- Complementary groupings

Whilst your website should enable visitors to shop by product category, it can help to also create other complementary grouping to help visitors find what they want. Creating categories that focus on the price, such as “Products under £25; Products under £50..” etc. is not just good at helping people filter results to coincide with their budget, but can also get customers to add another item into their basket. Another way to do this is to create product pairings that go well together. If you sell clothing, this could be in the form of outfit ideas and pairings, for example.

7- Clear returns policy

Make your returns policy easy to find and understand. Customers realise and are sensitive to the risks of ordering online. The product might not look how they expect or it might arrive damaged, for example. To alleviate some of this risk, reassure them by informing them of your returns policy.

8- Provide easy access to customer service

Customer service goes a long way in reassuring customers and finalising the sale. Even if your online business is really just you and your brother, building shelves, customer service can make you seem a lot more professional and large than you might be in reality. The best thing to do is include a phone number, but email works too, as long as responses are prompt.


Having a website that is designed and functions to convert visitors to customers should be your number one priority as a website owner. To get started, simply implement our suggestions outlined above. Keep in mind that your website functions to sell your products or services and features, sign, and imagery should reflect and facilitate this.

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