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Shop Builder Features

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Softwate Update

We recently launched our Shop Builder Widget on Webeden and thought it would be cool to give everyone the low down on what new and exciting features it has.

For those of you that haven’t seen it yet, our new Shop Builder allows you to publish once, sell everywhere, with your shop working immediately on web, mobile and Facebook. You will update your products in one place and then we publish the updates everywhere. All products added have their own page, URL and SEO data and are connected to your main shop page.

Using PayPal we can get you trading immediately with only an email address (no credit checking) and with their Express Checkout you can start collecting payments from your customers using web and mobile optimised payment gateways. We do the hard stuff, so you get on with selling.

Here are some screenshots of the new Widget in action.

… and you can control that all from here

We hope to continue releasing new shop features every month or so (e.g. variable shipping, product variations, product quantities, coupons, etc.)

If you need any help with the new Shop Builder Widget you should check out our new FAQ’s dedicated to this subject.

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  • Jrichardsmusic1

    at last!

  • Hywelt

    Cool, nice one. Unfortunately all my customers (and Royal Mail and all couriers) charge delivery by weight…not trying to rain on your parade, honest.

    • Anonymous

      This will be something added in the future. Please bare with us we will get there

  • Lee D Simmons

    Is this PayPal only or can I accept payments through my credit card facility too?

    • Anonymous

      PayPal at the moment but things are always changing…

  • Saz

    Can customers purchase goods through paypal, even if they don’t have a paypal account?

    • Anonymous

      They can indeed… They just need to enter card details

  • Fiona

    My own website isnt live yet, if I change to ‘the shop’ what happens to all pages I have now. Can I still use my homepage?

  • Dreddieg

    Sound really good

  • http://www.revesilk.com silk comforter

    any other function?

  • Toby

    this is great news, as the other chap said would be superb if you could get the postage side sorted, would make life allot easier, especially if it can calculate discount on postage when oredering more than 1 of the same or different product.

  • Bwananyoka

    So how do I get music files to be accessible to download and make money from them?

  • saddles4horses

    firstly, LOVE the shop. it is ACE. and means i’m staying with webeden, so well done guys. but… any idea when we can have variable shipping costs? also, pretty please can we have sub catagories in the shop too? thank yooooooooou :) xxx

  • Danprodrick

    Im really happy to hear about this it was such a pain in the @SS listing all the products seperately before