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Softwate Update

Well after a lot of planning and talking (and a few hiccups) the new Shop Widget is Launched. This post will answer the most asked questions regarding setting up your new shop.

If you do have any questions about the new Shop widget then please checkout the Forum or if there is an error with your new Shop then please go to the support page and Submit a Query.

Here is a list of the most common questions about how you use the new shop widget.

How do I add Categories?

It is possible to add your shop’s items to categories, to allow your visitors to find the correct product with less effort.
You can create categories from the Product List panel on the Shop menu – simply click ‘Add a category’, and enter the desired name. You can add products to any category, when adding or editing, by ticking the appropriate box.
You can direct visitors to your categories in three ways:

  1. You’ll find a Category widget in Library -> Shop Widgets, called ‘CategoryListGroup’. This can be placed on your Shop page.
  2. The standard Link menu now contains a new option called ‘Link to Shop Category’.
  3. A new option on the Add a New Page list, called ‘Shop Category Link’, allows you to link directly to a category from your site’s menu.

How do I add a Facebook Shop page?

It is possible to sell your products on Facebook, by using a custom page. Visitors will be able to browse and purchase through Facebook, and all new items are updated instantly. To set it up:

  1. Go to Shop -> Settings
  2. Click on Link your Facebook Page
  3. Choose the desired page, or click ‘Click here’ to create a new one, following 5 steps:
    • Choose a category for your page
    • Fill in details and click Get started
    • Follow Facebook’s setup instructions, which may differ according to the category chosen
    • Return to your site, and click on Link to your Facebook Page again
    • Choose the new page
  4. Scroll down to Customise your shop
  5. Upload an optional header image for the shop page
  6. Enter a menu name, which will appear on your Facebook page’s menu
  7. Enter an optional header message for the shop page
  8. Click Save changes.

How do I add a Shop to my site?

The Shop is available across all packs but will have limitations depending on the package you have. You can add your shop via the Shop icon on the toolbar.

Normally you would add the Shop page first to your site. To do this simply click on Pages (toolbar) -> Add a new page (sidebar), then use the option entitled “Shop” – simply add this to your site, in the desired position on the menu, and then set whether it’s visible or not if you wish to work on it before making it visible to your own customers.

If you do create the Shop first (from the toolbar) then all you need do is add the Shop page to make your Shop visible on your site.

Can I add META data?

Yes you can. You can add custom META data to each of your products. Simply use the Shop icon on the toolbar, then use the Edit button on the end of your product row.

On Edit Product page click on the Meta data option on the right hand side of the page. You can then:

  • Edit the product Title
  • Add meta Keywords
  • Add a meta Description

What does the Update tab do?

This tab appears on the Editor when you are editing your Shop in pages mode (Shop > Pages).

This allows you to update your shop with the latest software after we do a software update. At present you will need to do this on every page (all four) otherwise you may see some strange behaviour between the pages.

NB. We are working on a single Update feature to allow you to update all pages at once.

How do I change the Product view?

While in ShopBuilder, go to Pages on the toolbar to access the Shop’s page edit mode. You will now see your Shop’s pages drop down bottom centre of the toolbar. Select one of the pages, e.g. Catalog page.

Click on the Catalog object (just click anywhere on the products list) and the Editor should appear. The editor should indicate that you are editing the Shop (in the Editor object drop down). Click on the Shop tab and you can now change the following:

  • The view from Grid View to List View
  • Change the number of rows in either Grid or List View
  • Adjust the Grid spacing between products in Grid view

Similar rules apply to the other pages. Clicking on the Shop object on any page will produce the Editor so that you can edit numerous elements of that page’s shop object from catalog view, product view and cart view.

Is there a Product limit?

Yes. The total number of products you can add is limited by the subscription pack you are on. At present the maximum number of products you can add by pack (old and new) are:
Trial = 10 products

Free = 10

Lite (Basic) = 20

Standard (Premium) = 50

Plus = 150

Max (Business) = 500

Can I share my Products?

Yes you can.

Go to your Product (Shop > Product list > Edit) and then use the ‘Share this product’ button (beside the Facebook and Twitter icons) at the top right of the module.

A ‘Share’ panel will appear with two tabs. One for Facebook and one for Twitter.


This tab allows you to add a simple message about your product, check the image and product description. It also allows you to add a Buy Now button on your Facebook page if the option for Show ‘Buy Now’ link is checked.

You will need to sign into your Facebook account before you can post or share your product.

If you don’t want to use Facebook then deselect the option at the top by clicking the big green tick beside the Facebook icon.


Click on the Twitter tab and check the box beside the icon. You’ll see a big green tick appear and the whole tab will be edit mode. Type your tweet up to 119 characters about your product.

Before you can tweet your product comments you will need to sign into your Twitter account.


When done simple click the ‘Share’ button and if you selected both tabs to be shared then your Facebook post and tweet will be published.

How do I edit a Product?

Firstly just access your ShopBuilder via the Shop icon on the toolbar. You’ll then be presented with a list of products that you’ve already added. The list offers you two ways to edit:

Quick Edit

  • Click and use the arrows to reorder your product
  • Click the image to view the images you’ve added to the product and select a new main image
  • Click the Product name to edit the name directly on the list view
  • Click the Price if you wish to update the product price
  • Click Status to change to make your product Available, Hidden, Sold Out, or Coming Soon

Full Edit

  • Click on the Edit button at the end of each product row
  • This will allow you to edit, view or delete that product
  • Using Edit will take you into the full edit mode for that product
  • You can Update or edit Product name, Description, Price, Stock ID, and Images
  • Adding META data for each product is also possible through the panel on the right
  • You can also share your product on Twitter or Facebook (once Facebook connect is set up)
  • Click ‘Update’ to complete your changes

How do I edit my Shop?

The simplest way to edit the entire Shop product is to use the Shop icon on the toolbar. This will open the ShopBuilder editing environment (in Product mode) where you can then add new items, edit existing items (from a list) or change your settings (e.g. Shop status, PayPal, email address, currency).

You will also have access to each of the Shop’s pages to edit and style as you wish. So once Shop has been selected use the Pages icon on the toolbar (Pages mode) which allows you to access and individually edit each of the four shop pages through the Shop Page drop down bottom centre of the toolbar: Product Catalogue; Product Detail; Shopping Cart; Sale Confirmation.

Do I get an email alert when an order is placed?

Email alerts aren’t currently built into ShopBuilder itself, but you will receive an email from Paypal each time someone buys something – this will contain the full details of the order.

How do I edit the Sale Confirmation page?

Once logged in, click on Shop on the toolbar to open up the ShopBuilder. Then click on Pages on the toolbar to open up the page editor for your shop.

You will then see a drop down bottom centre of the toolbar. The drop down provides access to the the four individual pages of your shop: Product Catalog; Product Detail; Shopping Cart; Sale Confirmation.

Select the Sale Confirmation page. This will allow you to edit any elements of this page including the page title, the message to customers, how the basket looks or even how the page is styled.

Once you’ve completed your updates simply save the page and use “View my site” to see how it looks.

Can I update how my Shopping Cart looks?

Yes you can. In fact you can update or change all four of your shop’s pages. To edit or update any of them simply click on Shop on the toolbar to open up ShopBuilder. Then click on Pages on the toolbar to put your shop into page edit mode. Simply choose any one of the Shop’s four pages from the drop down bottom centre of the toolbar. Each of the shop’s four pages has a different function:

  • Product Catalog – The catalogue page is where you can display all your products in ‘List’ or ‘Grid’ view
  • Product Detail – This is where you can edit how the page format looks for each of your products i.e. when each product is viewed by a customer they will see this styling
  • Shopping Cart – Where you can position and set how your Cart will appear when requested
  • Sale Confirmation – This page allows you to edit your confirmation message and title

As these pages have multiple layers you may need to double click at times and use the Editor drop down to locate the box, item or object you wish to edit. Once you’re happy simply save and then use View site to test how the shopping experience works.

How do I add a Product to my shop?

To start with click the Shop icon on the toolbar then follow the instructions below:

  1. From the Shop menu use the ‘Add product’ button
  2. Add a product name – make it brief but descriptive
  3. Add a description – where you can give much more detail about your product e.g. material, dimensions, variations available, where made, why your customer needs it!
  4. Add your Price. NB. You can change base currency for your shop through the Shop Settings menu.
  5. If you have a product or stock ID (using the SKU Format Stock ID from other systems) then the Stock ID field will allow you to enter your product’s ID number here for tracking though this is optional. If you don’t have one we’ll create one for you.
  6. You can then add one or more images (up to a maximum of 5) to your product
  7. Then click ‘Update’

It’s that simple. If you want to add another product then just click on the ‘Add product’ button at top of Shop panel.

Can I set a single flat-rate shipping cost?

Yes you can. Simply go to Settings once in the ShopBuilder, add your flat-rate shipping cost and click Update.

Variable rate shipping costs coming soon.

How do I change the Status of my Product?

In ShopBuilder mode (click Shop on the toolbar) then clicking ‘Product list’ you can click on the status for each product and edit. You will see a drop down offering four status options:

  • Hidden
  • Sold out
  • Coming soon
  • Available

You can also access the status option while editing each product through the full edit mode.

What kind of images can be used?

You can upload and use exactly the same images as you do on your website. These include JPG, GIF and PNG.You can simply add any images from your own library or add more.

If you need to add an image to your Library simply use the ‘Upload’ button on the File Manager while it is open and once the image or images are uploaded select and use as described above.

You may want to consider taking shots of your products from different angles to ensure your customers get a better idea of how it looks.

NB. Just remember that you should not use images over 200kb in size. This size will work quite successfully on your shop (as they will on your site) providing quite reasonable resolution without causing your pages to load slowly due to excessive image size. This is best done with an image editing application like PhotoShop or use one of the free downloads like Picasa or Paint.NET.

How do I add images to my Products?

While you are adding or editing a product in Shop you simply need to do the following:

  1. Click ‘Add images’ which will open up the File Manager
  2. Select an image from the File Manager
  3. Click ‘Use this’
  4. Then either close the File Manager or click another image to use
  5. You can add up to 5 images on each of your products

NB. Just remember that you should not use images over 200kb in size. This size will work quite successfully on your shop (as they will on your site) providing quite reasonable resolution without causing your pages to load slowly due to excessive image size. This is best done with an image editing application like PhotoShop or use one of the free downloads like Picasa or Paint.NET

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  • fraser

    How do i link paypal or a bank account to my site, so i can receive payments?

    • webeden

      While using the shop tool you are given the option to enter the email address associated with your Paypal account. This will then be linked to all your payment of the site.

  • British Minecrafters

    How do i add Terms and conditions to my shop?

    • Kevin

      What you could do is add this on your footer as a link to another page with your T&Cs on.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bambonio Martin Ritchings

    When im in “Shop > Settings > Facebook Shop” all the options are greyed out… How do I connect my Facebook Page and Webeden shop? I’m having a lot of trouble…

    I cant seem to log in with my Facebook details…

    • webeden

      You will need to ensure your site is linked to Facebook in the first instance. Go to People>settings and then at the bottom their is options to link your site to Facebook.

  • Andrew

    For some reason my descriptions of each item has vanished. Any idea why this is? When I go to edit the text in the editor it’s still there but no description is visible when I view my website as normal? Thanks in advance.

    • Laura

      Andrew I am having the same problem!
      Did you find out how to solve this?

      • http://www.rosenixon.co.uk rose

        I’m having this problem too. is there a way to fix it??