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Webeden HTML5 Update

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Softwate Update

We know you are all very keen on seeing Webeden upgrade it’s software to support HTML5, and I can assure you we are trying our hardest to get a reliable system to you as soon as possible. We do realise that we are massively behind schedule, however with every new iteration of our software throws up new issues that need to be addressed before making it avalible.

Where are we with the development?

At the moment the priority is to get a fully working version of Version 6 (the current Version is 5) up and running. Once this has been done then we can continue working on providing existing customers the ability to upgrade their old V5 sites to V6 sites.

So when will the upgrade be available?

This is the million pound question. We expect it before the end of June 2013. We realise that this is drastically later than planned, however we wanted to provide you a fully working version of the software as opposed to a very limited beta version of the software.

We understand that the delay will be a disappointment for some of our customers. However we want to offer our loyal and valued customers a solid and stable piece of software that matches the easy of use you have all enjoyed with Version 5.

We will of course keep you updated with any further developments and news.

Please note that at the time of writing this article the dates are correct, however they are only intended as a guide and are subject to change.


  • Jamie

    :( Dissapointed…again

  • http://www.carter-dal.co.uk/ Bartolomeo Diaz

    Why are you disappointed again?


    Tworzenie stron Wrocław

  • Rudy

    this sucks, loosing allot of clients, worse now knowing when its going to change, mobile site looks awful, cant market such a site . too much work to redo website elsewhere

  • Max

    Massively behind schedule? Wow, understatement of the year When I’ve signed up with you guys you were supposed to be releasing it within few days, then weeks, then months, now it “possibly” 2 more months? You’ve predicted Q3 2012! From any company this would be unacceptable but hey..don’t worry..your clients are the only one missing out, not Webeden. 2 days ago a friend of mine has actually said to me how crap the mobile version of my website is..and he’s right. I felt like a right ….. (insert a 4 letter word of your choice).

    And you can’t even have the decency of replying to comments

    • webeden

      Hi Max, Sorry you feel that way. While we do like to post news of the latest developments at Webeden on our blog to be fair we have never Sold Webeden as a HTML5 solution to website building. We have only sold Webeden as a simple website builder for people with no coding experience. Like every piece of software it does have it’s limitations, mobile being one of them.

      • Max

        Err, not quite right mate. Here http://www.webeden.co.uk/blog/latest-news/webeden-sites-in-html5-coming-in-2012/ you talk about iOS and you know that’s a big chunk of the mobile market. Look, no one wants to enter a match where you guys can easily be proved wrong. In your statement above there’s not even the slightest idea of an apology. Not that I particularly want one, I’d rather have the HTML 5 and get on with my business.

        • Max

          Oh and we’re deleting comments now as well..nice touch..

  • Henry Batterbee

    I’m currently in the process of migrating my websites to WordPress. It’s a fantastic builder where you can have as many sites you like for about £50 a year! The domains are cheaper, you can host apps and the mobile versions are as good as desktop.. That’s where I’ve gone, I’d advice you do too!

  • Lulu

    Do you have an update on the HTML 5 release?

  • Alan

    When will this update be available?

  • Philip

    Why are there no updates? June 15th

  • webeden

    There are no updates to the release at the moment. We are all very excited about it’s release though.

  • alison cross

    Very much looking forward to this. Have been loyal webeden builder for years, but disconcerting to see what my sites look like in iOS. Ali x

  • Findy

    desperate for the html5 release. Any new dates for the release?

    • webeden

      Sorry no confirmed dates yet. We will keep you posted.

      • Kirsten

        Are you still aiming for the end of June?

  • Kirsten

    I’ve just discovered that one of your rivals, who appears to use the same platform as you guys, already has the HTML5 beta option up and running. I understand that you will have your own implementation issues to work through, but a definitive timescale would be good, as I will shortly have to make a decision as to whether I launch my forthcoming site through Webeden or copy all my work for this site (and eventually everything else) over to the company.

    It would, of course, be much simpler for me to leave it with you guys, but if we have no firm date for HTML5 versions here, then I will be left with very little choice.

  • Marton

    I’m guessing the fact this blog is HTML 5 friendly is the first step to my website becoming HTML 5 friendly?

    Please say its only a couple of weeks away….. :-(

  • Dan

    HTML5? End of June is today? Do we have a new ETA?

  • Philip

    How can you run a website builder system and be so bad at keeping your customers updated on your own website.Its such a bad example to be giving.Its the end of June what’s going on with HTML5?

  • Jane

    HTML5 by July 22nd?

  • Dan

    Surely, this is taking far too long? How long has this HTML5 update taken so far?

  • Kevin

    There simply isn’t going to be html 5 is there? Just a ploy to keep us here. Well end of July I am gone It will be hard work to start again elsewhere but I am losing customers thanks to my loyalty to you. Thanks a lot.

  • Chris

    Any news on the update that was last expected at the end of June?

  • Georgie

    Come on webeden at least respond to us!

  • Colin

    Lost the opportunity to create a website for an organisation as they wont accept a flash site !!

  • Rich

    bye bye webeden, I won’t miss you!

  • Max

    Now you’re taking the proverbial..

  • Jonathan

    Transparency. Customers. Lack of.

  • thebladder

    what’s the new scheduled release date?

  • Thomas

    For those desperate for HTML5 go to Moonfruit as they own the SiteMaker software and already have an HTML5 conversion tool.

    Plus much better support….

  • Jon

    Your lack of communication will force your customers away. Im already looking for new web hosts. I feel extremely let down.

  • Graham

    June 2013 release?? – But it September 2013 next week. Like some of the others, I’m looking elsewhere, my competitors won’t wait for Webedan and neither will I so what other options do we have, can’t continue with that dreadful mobile page, come Webedan this is a little embarrassing!

  • Lee

    Moonfruit have HTML5 and use the same software you use, are you gonna get this sorted or is it time to switch to a company that can get off their backsides and sort it….Moonfruit here i come

  • Eleanor Hearne

    Please help me, I have version 5 but my mobile site it not the same site that comes up on iPad. I need to edit the ipad site very soon, how do I do this?

    • webeden

      Hi, You can migrate to our new Version 6 of our software. please note that not all features of Version 5 are yet available on version 6. Please check out our latest blog post for more details. http://www.webeden.co.uk/blog/latest-news/its-finally-here/

      • Eleanor Hearne

        So I can’t edit the Ipad site with this version or make the Ipad’s use the mobile site?

        • webeden

          You can to an extent, but upgrading to Version 6 will be better as your site will look the same as on a PC

          • Eleanor Hearne

            When is version 6 due to include clipart?

          • webeden

            This is not on our list of updates. If the images within our file manager do not suit your needs we recommend you purchase the images you need form Webeden Images http://www.webeden.co.uk/extras/get_images

          • Eleanor Hearne

            Thank you!! Last question can you tell me when image tools such as the pop up gallery I have on my site be available? and shapes such as the rounded square my headings are in?

          • webeden

            We cannot give you a specific date but they are on the road map for the next updates. We will keep you posted via our Blog and social media channels.

  • Spotwinners

    I have migrated from V5 and cannot now add or contact members. My site requires updating daily with selections of the day. I have new members who I have not been able to send emails. Can I revert back to V5 until V6 is fully up to scratch>

    • webeden

      I’m afraid there is no way to revert back to Version 6. There are plenty of work arounds for the missing features though.

      • Spotwinners

        Please help me I need to see a list of current members of my site and to be able to email groups of them each day

        • webeden

          You will need to contact our support team regarding this. You can contact them by logging into your Webeden account and submitting a query to the support team via the support pages online form.

  • simo

    Have migrated from V5 and its a mess. Not all my page masters are showing, half my info has disappeared and the site now looks like a 2 year old designed it. I can’t even submit a technical enquiry because it won’t let me type a message … really unhappy

    • webeden

      Sorry you are unhappy with your site after migrating it to version 6. However with a bit of tweeking you should be able to get it back to the way you want it to look. Bit at a loss as to why you wouldn’t be able to submit a query. Have you tried updating your flash plug in on your browser. This usually solves 99% of issues customers have with our software/website.