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WebEden News: Blogging, Ecommerce & Mobile

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Softwate Update

It’s been a long time since we gave you a product update – in fact our last major release was the new control panel back in July – so I wanted to let you know what the developers had been up to here at WebEden.

Blogging is coming

For the past 12 months we’ve been working towards a new blog tool. Our current blog tool was designed back in 2003 and the plain fact of the matter is that it’s out of date. Few of you use it. And others who want a blog have signed up with free services like blogger and then integrated that with your WebEden website.

Blogging has come a long way since those days, and there are now some great tools available to publish blog content in a recognisable, systematic format. The problem we had is that WebEden is a design tool that allows you to create great visual free form designs. You can create, drag and drop any object around the page. The challenge was: how do we turn all of that content and design and translate it into a regular, systematic blog.

Nevertheless the white-coated ones have come up with a very cool solution to blogging, and we’ll be adding it to the WebEden website builder in just a few weeks. The new blog will have its own special place inside the control panel. You’ll still get all the cool design-led stuff, but you’ll be able to add a great blog too.

Ecommerce is coming

Luckily enough, ecommerce data needs to be ordered and system–a-tised in a similar way to Blog data, so the blogging tool will be shortly followed by our long awaited ecommerce too. Honest. Not much longer to wait for that one. We’re aiming for this year.

Good mobile version is coming

The rise of the iPhone and iPad, and Apple deciding to not support Flash on either iPad or iPhone has created a ‘Flash war’. Many websites require flash in order to be able to work. This means that they don’t work correctly on those devices.

Your WebEden website gets published in both Flash and HTML. We originally did an HTML version to make all your sites W3C compliant, and to give them very good SEO qualities. The challenge now is to make this HTML look right on Smartphone screens.

To this end, we’re almost ready to release a new version of WebEden which produces a phone-screen optimised single column layout mobile website. It’s been tough. But it’ll be worth it. This will definitely be live by the end of this year.

That’s it for now

We’re really excited about these new updates, so we wanted to let you know what they were all about. Much of our development comes from suggestions you make. So keep them coming in, and we’ll keep developing!

  • http://www.mpeople-heathersmall.co.uk Graham


    Really looking forward to the blog and excited about the mobile version!

  • http://www.actionforourplanet.com Oliver

    Yay! So pleased about this cannot wait to see the new blog feature.

  • http://www.licensinglegal.co.uk Richard Williams

    When I use a Nokia smartphone to view our website (Webeden designed) all I get is a blank screen – I tried my brother’s I-phone and it showed a text only version of the website. If the HTML version of the site works without Flash, I wonder why doesn’t it show on a Nokia (E71)? If this change does address these problems it will be good as I see this as a disadvantage of a Flash website – I thought the Webeden site was Flash only. Clearly web browsing is quickly moving from computers to phones/tablets and the software would be defective if it doesn’t address these issues.

  • http://www.moveonfromcancer.com Graham C

    All 3 items are exactly what I have been waiting for. They sound fantastic – thanks very much!

  • http://www.liliayip.com lilia

    e-commerce would be most welcome, looking forward to setting it up on my site.

  • http://www.fractaldesign.eu Philip Evans

    Yessss!!! Great news. Thank you for webeden for providing a great service that constantly evolves.

  • http://www.postmodernisms.info Helen Silverwood

    Great news! I had been wondering about the mobile version. will look forward to the e-commerce tool as well!

  • http://www.escapelodges.com Gordon Brown

    Hey guys is there any update on the mobile version?


  • admin

    Hi Gordon,

    I know we’re cutting it fine, but we really do plan to get this out by the end of the year. It’s a big job – please bear with us and watch this space!


  • http://fgrtrust.com Ben

    Has it been completed yet? Would be really good.

  • Ray

    @ben, so very soon we are just working through a few more items to make sure it is perfect for launch and we shall be announcing it shortly.

  • http://Www.flushingholidaycottages.co.uk Kevin

    Really hoping this is the answer to my issues my site just does not work on devices that don’t support Adobe Flash. Please get it launched ASAP!

  • Brian


    Any update on the mobile version yet? I’m delighted
    With webeden but gave started learning HTML as I’m guessing
    Building a html version myself may be quicker than waiting for the mobile fix. WordPress.org may be the platform.

    Sorry if i sound smart as I’m 100% happy with the normal site versions.
    It’s just that about 75% of all my visitors are using mobile devices or
    Mozilla FF!

    Many thanks in advance,


  • Ray

    A launch for a mobile version was launched yesterday but i am afraid there were a few teething problems and we had to roll back to a previous version of the software.

    As soon as the bugs are fixed we will give everyone a new launch date.

    Not sure why your site would not be viewable on Firefox as long as Flash is installed Firefox will work fine.

  • ASshfx

    My site can only be view by members. But I can’t login cos I need flash