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Website Builder Tutorials – Buying a domain name

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Here’s another tutorial. Now we’re starting to get into more advanced features -this time its how to buy a domain name. We’ve made our domain registration service easy to use – follow these steps and you won’t go wrong. Don’t forgot that the Standard package and above come with a free domain.

Good luck buying your domains!

If you’ve already bought a domain name from WebEden and want to point it at your WebEden website, then take a look at our video tutorial on how to point your domain name.

  • M Stubbs

    Having read your ‘Lets get started’ page, when you get to step three it asks you to enter the web address you want to use.

    Should I have already purchased the domain name before entering the ‘Lets get started’ phase?

    If I use your ‘Max’ package you state that you offer two domain names free. How do I access this offer when purchasing my domain names?

    Please could you make clear what order I should do things.
    Many thanks

  • admin

    Hi There,

    You question: ‘Should I have already purchased the domain name before entering the ‘Lets get started’ phase?

    No, you can choose it afterwards. This web address is what we call a ‘subdomain’. It take the form: yourname.webeden.co.uk. You can replace it with your own domain name at a later stage.

    Your question: ‘If I use your ‘Max’ package you state that you offer two domain names free. How do I access this offer when purchasing my domain names?’

    You can claim your domain names afterwards. Once you have signed up, go to http://www.webeden.co.uk/domain-names.htm. You will have 2 vouchers which you can use to claim two free domain names.

    Any other problems, please let me know.


  • http://www.elchavassea.com Chavassea

    Hello there,

    After purchasing a domain name what then? I just purchased one and have recieved a confirmation email in regards to registeration. But searches I’ve made dont bring up my website. How then do I access it so I can build and customise it?

    The only one I seem to have access to is the 14day trial one which has webeden.co.uk as its suffix.

    Can you help?


  • admin

    Hi there,

    Have a look at this tutorial: http://www.webeden.co.uk/blog/website-builder-tips/website-builder-tutorials-pointing-your-domain-name/

    This will show you how to point your domain name at yourwebsite.webeden.co.uk so it gets rid of the webeden.co.uk bit.

    Good luck, and please let me know how you get on.


  • http://www.brain-waves-technology.com Brain Waves Technology

    Great Informative article, Thank you very much for the information this will be very handy as we are learning about domain registration

  • http://cletusmbirionline.com cletus mbiri

    My websites were registered under webeden.co.uk but i would like them to be under webeden.net. Is this possible

  • admin

    Hi there,

    It might be possible, we need to look into this. Please can you raise a support ticket explaining your request?

    Are you trying to get rid of the .co.uk bit of your webeden? An alternative might be to buy your own domain name and be done with it?

    Please let me know if you need a hand with that.


  • http://walkingspring sam browns

    I have followed instructions video ‘get your website on google’. But do I need to bring up my website before I go onto google?
    Also; How do I know that it has gone on successfully?
    Great website builder

  • admin

    Hi Sam,

    Are you trying to add your website to Google?

    Have you added your website at Google.com/addurl ?

    To find out if it has been included in the index, go to Google.co.uk and search for your website address.

    It can take up to 3 months to be fully listed.

    Good luck, and let us know if you have any questions!


  • emily

    Hi, I bought a domain name through you and assigned it to my webeden website, however if i type in www. before the website address it comes up with ‘page not found’ and only works when i type in the website address minus the www.

    can you help?

  • http://www.webeden.co.uk/ Ray

    hi emily,

    hmmmm that’s annoying…

    Could you give me the web address and i can look into this for you?


  • Tony Pancaldi

    Am just about to buy Webeden ecommerce pack but have two questions.
    1. I already have bought a domain elsewhere, is that going to work okay and do I have to host site through Webeden?
    2. Can I put a donate button in as it’s for a Charity?



  • admin

    Hi Tony,

    1. Yes, you can use a domain that you have bought elsewhere. You can either transfer it to your WebEden account, or point it to your new website from its current location – it doesn’t matter which.

    Please let me know if you need help with that.

    2. Yes, you can put a donate button on – it will be donations via paypal.


  • http://www.fairbairnfamily.webeden.co.uk/ Clare

    I currently have a website with you with webeden in the address. If people have this in their Favourites and I buy a domain name and the website name changes will they still be able to access it. Will it redirect to my new site?


  • admin

    If your friends have http://www.fairbairnfamily.webeden.co.uk/ saved as a favourite, and you buy a domain name and the website name changes, they will STILL be able to access it.

    http://www.fairbairnfamily.webeden.co.uk/ will continue to work, don’t worry!

    It will be best to set 1 version as the ‘preferred’ address, but both will continue to work. To set a preferred address, go to:

    Admin –> Site addresses –>Add site address

    Enter your new domain name here as your site address. Enter it both WITH and WITHOUT the ‘www’ on two separate lines. Then all you need to do is designate one version – the WWW one – as your main ‘preferred’ site address.
    Once this is done, anyone trying to get on your website by typing your domain name with the ‘WWW’ will automatically be forwarded to the version with the ‘WWW’.


  • http://wetpaintgpra verdeako

    hi, i am currently involve in researching on updating website. This is for charity, so as much as possible it should be free. well as you enter to website, its greenford park residence hall.
    I am sending you the comment of one of our member: build a website…….
    “……can it be done without HTML code knowledge etc then we will need to decide what pages we want, and what content needs to go on to each page, and then supply the copy/images to your contact.
    However, first things first, can we create a website which we can update? Many community organisations have websites which are 5 years out of date and are actually unhelpful.”
    hopefully you can see, where i am coming from., please let me know soon so i can have a feedback, since this chap is going to uni and not everybody are IT expert.

  • Ray

    Hi verdeako,

    That can all be done using WebEden no problem. You can use a free package or one of our paid packages it is totally up to you.

    Kind regards

  • http://www.surreyhillsphysiotherapy.webeden.co.uk Massimo

    Am constructing my website using webeden and asked 123-reg from whom I bought my domain name to transfer the domain name to yourselves (by changing the tag to GANDI) as recommended on your site. I have not yet received your email regarding completion of the process and wondered whether you have in fact heard anything from 123-reg.

    Am going to upgrade to a paying package so that I don’t have all the adverts on my site but want to make sure that I can have the domain address I want and need before I do so.

    Can you advise please

  • Ray

    @massimo, I am so sorry you are having trouble with your domain transfer. I have had a look and cannot come across the domain in our interface but can see by records that you have changed the IPS TAG in 123-reg fine so it is nothing like that.

    I shall get onto tech support and let you know the status asap.

  • http://www.folb.org.uk folb

    I bought the domain for the website at the end of may this year and it is still pending!!!! The money has been taken from my account so I have effectivley lost 4 months!! As there are no contact details on the site I have had no way to contact you and would be gratefull if you could rectify this problem A.S.A.P!!!!!!!

  • Ray

    @folb i am sorry that you are having trouble with purchasing a domain….. I can see that the registration failed.

    If you could email me ray@webeden.org i can then chat to you about this error.

  • http://broadlandboatclub yvonitsa

    I am in the process of building a website (we are a Charity) using your 14-day trial period. Before I continue, please would you confirm that our Domain name may be transferred for free for use with WebEden’s Free Package.


  • Ray

    If you transfer the domain into your Webeden account it will cost you £10.99 but you can point your domain to your Webeden site for free just check out this page http://www.webeden.co.uk/blog/website-builder-tips/website-builder-tutorials-pointing-your-domain-name/

  • http://broadlandboatclub yvonitsa

    Thank you so much, Ray, for this link. Brilliant! Couldn’t see for looking previously! Very much appreciated.


  • Chris Davis

    I am looking to establish a new website.
    I want people visiting the site to be able to download MP3 audio files and online video links free of charge after registering their email.

    I also want them to be able to subscribe to regular e-coaching services – for this to work effectively I need to be able to set up an automated email response system.

    Finally I want to be able to sell various products in a more ‘traditional’ shopping cart format offering various payment options including paypal.

    Could you please confirm that these options are all possible with your service.

    Many thanks.
    C Davis

  • Ray

    Hi Chris,

    This can all be done within the software but the emails on a weekly basis would involve you creating the emails and sending them to your userbase using the softwares interface.

    Hope that helps :-)

  • http://ashgardeners.webeden.co.uk Liz

    Help please
    I’m at square zero, with not so good computing skills. I’ve started building using the community site template for our local society. How can I change the names on the buttons and the dropdown pages, please?

    More importantly, what happens in12 days (I’m on a free 14 day trial, I think). Can we stay on a free site? Is that by the procedure you have told yvonitsa above? Should I do that before the site is fully ready
    Hope this is not too basic

  • Ray

    @Liz, Do you mean changing the text on the menu buttons?

    After your trial you will be asked if you want to keep your site FREE or if you would like to take out a paid package. You can choose either and carry on with your design.

    Hope that helps

  • eri

    hello. im interested if i buy domain name, will be there still ”webeden logo” on the bottom of page. Does it remove if i buy any annual package?

  • Joy


    I was part-way through the registration service for the ‘free website builder’ but wanted to check the ‘terms and conditions’ which it prompts you to do – in the terms I was worried about what kind of ads might be posted so decided that I would click ‘I don’t agree’ this took me straight back to the homepage. It does appear that my username is still registered. I have decided to upgrade and choose the ‘Lite’ option (with no ads from others) instead at £24.29 annual price, and I will see how things go for 2011. I can’t see a shopping cart anywhere on the site, where do I go to upgrade?
    Any help much appreciated thanks

  • Ray

    You should log back into your account and an upgrade tab will appear on the account page.

  • http://yardstick@webeden.co.uk Steve Ward

    Firstly, let me say how impressed I am by the user-friendly nature of your FAQs and video tutorials!
    I have drafted a website under your ‘free’ package, but have as yet done nothing with it, although once I have established the most pragmatic way forward, I shall consider upgrading to ‘standard’. I am in a quandary as to whether to try to arrange the transfer of my existing domain name from domainnameshops to Webeden (which seems a very cumbersome process), or to ask domainnameshops to ‘point’ my domain name to Webeden, thus allowing me (presumably) to keep my mail forwarding arrangements and to stay on your ‘free’ package if I decide against upgrading.
    What do you recommend?
    Kind regards,

  • Ray

    If you would like to keep your emails where they are then pointing the domain is your best option :-)

  • Catherine

    I have nearly completed my website with you and have purchased a domain name. When I try to view my website I can view my editorial but all images e showing as file not found! Why is this?

    • admin

      This is due to one of two reasons. 1 – You have uploaded images, placed them in the gallery and then deleted them from your folder. 2 – You are using PNG or GIF images for the gallery as only JPG are only usable. Hope that helps

  • Andyseatrout

    I have had my website set up with you for nearly a year now nd have just started to update it.

    I have noticed that the webeden logo is visible at the top of my webpage and I have been told by another of your customers that it does not appear on his.

    I would like the logo not to be visible if at all possible – please could you explain how to make this so?

  • Alan-lockwize

    Hi I have bought a domain name and changed it, everything went to plan but I am wondering if it will automatically change my address in google or will google only ever find my old webeden address? Thanks

  • Steve

    currently have a website with you with webeden in the address. If people have this in their Favourites and I buy a domain name and the website name changes will they still be able to access it. Will it redirect to my new site?

    • webeden

      Yes, they will still be taken to your site. People will always be able to access your site via http://www.your_site_name>.webeden.co.uk. Linking a domain name just provides them another way of viewing your site.